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Hi all,

I just had to share this as it exciting news for us.

We had our first scan today, not knowing how far gone I am anyway due to having polycystic ovaries and never having a regular period. We were told that I am 12 weeks and 4 days.... And so started the water works. We were genuinely convinced we would have to go down the IVF route due to my situation. But a lifestyle change helped it naturally. We are totally over the moon. I can't stop looking at the scan picture. Eek xx

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What a gorgeous picture, I am not surprised you are over the moon! Congratulations on your little miracle and I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy.

We did have to go down the IVF route and thankfully it worked second time around (however I still can't quite believe it!). Do you mind me asking what lifestyle changes you made? I'm already hoping for more babies but hopefully without IVF 😉

Congratulations again xx


Aw thank hun. Congratulations on your baby too. It's an amazing experience isn't it.

The lifestyle changes I made were just exercising more, I was in the gym probably 6 times a week and then going on long walks in the evening, and eating more of the right foods. So I'd eat plenty of fruit (mainly blueberries) and natural yoghurt for breakfast most mornings, salad for lunch maybe and then a healthy meal of chicken or something in the evenings. I genuinely never thought the lifestyle change would help matters though. But I have to say, I'm pro lifestyle change now.

I'm sure you will be absolutely fine for your second. I heard a few years back that once you've given birth to your first, whether through IVF or conceived naturally, you will get pregnant so much easier second time, maybe without IVF. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you honey. And congrats on your little miracle xx

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Thank you so much and well done with all the healthy choices 😊

I think I eat very healthily but I could certainly do more exercise (I've never been a fan of the gym!). However after this little one arrives I think I'll try and get my fitness levels up and who knows what will happen.

Enjoy your pregnancy and yes it's such a wonderful experience ❤️


Arrrr what a great scan picture! I was the same and couldn't stop looking! Wait until you get the 20 week scan ... It's amazing how much they grow!

Really happy for you Hun :)

Celebrate with a nice glass of schloer 😁😝 xxx


How lovely! Congratulations!


Congratulations, fab scan picture, very clear 😊


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