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22 weeks pregnant..... scared and confused

My daughter is 25 years old and a lupus patient. She is now 22 weeks pregnant but 2 weeks ago at her 20 week scan we were told that they could not see any nasal bone and that they could see a slight curve on the baby's spine. Up until this point .... she is classed as high risk because of her lupus.... She has had around 9 to 10 scans so we were really shocked to be told about the nasal and spine problem as they had never been picked up before. She was told that she had to have an amino and a fetal mri. She had the amino performed and 2 days later the test came back that the baby didn't have Downs Edawards or Pateau Syndrome. So now we had to wait to get the full Chromasome report which we were told could be another 2 weeks. Last week at 21 weeks pregnant she had the MRI but not the results. Today she receives a phone call to tell her that her Chromasome test has came back completely normal. So why is she and myself so worried. She was on the verge of having a termination as we were told something was wrong has there are 2 soft markers and now these results have come back normal. We still have not got the results of the MRI back yet so are we wrong to think that something could still be up. All I know is that I was always under the understanding the Chromosome test would tell her if her baby would have an abnormality or a disablement. Help!!! We are both going mad with worry.

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Hi there

It must be a very worrying time for you all. I think it would be sensible for your daughter to urgently contact her midwife and GP as it would be better to chat through your worries and get an explanation of what’s happening from a healthcare professional, to enable her to make the best decisions, and manage the rest of her pregnancy. Good luck and please do access some professional support.

Best wishes



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