Hello everybody! After 7 months trying I decided to go back on the pill...after my other posts regarding my visits to mum gp for thrush...sorry tmi, my GP rang me after my appointment on Monday (this week) asking could I be pregnant to which I replied head was thinking about it all day and so I bought a £1 cheapie test, as I went to leave the toilet, clear as day, double lines!! Ahhhh, I went and bought the same test and yet again double lines however not as dark due to drinking so much water and the time difference between the tests...I left it 3 hours and bought a cheapie from Superdrug at £4 which came up positive straight away! I am absolutely delighted! However am I definitely pregnant? I was at the docs today and they told me they don't even need to test me as I am 100%! I can't remember my last period so was just wondering does anyone know roughly how many weeks I could be on the basis of how quick the test came up and how dark the lines were?

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  • It depends, everyone is different I was 5 weeks and some days when I tested positive and it came up straight away, I had tested a week or so before that and it came up negative (but had a feeling I was) I tested at, 5 weeks because I was a week late. In my opinion I would say you're anything over 4 to 5 weeks, they'll be ables to give you your Gestational age at a scam which you can have privately or wait till the 12 week scan. Hope this helps

  • Okay no problem! Thank you

  • Try the clear blue digital which gives an accurate time since conception.. congratulations!

  • Thank you I'll try that! I'm so excited!

  • you are definitely pregnant, you would not get three false negatives, its rare to get one, there is no way to tell how far gone you are so maybe request a early scan to find out, congratulations

  • Congratulations x

  • Hi there

    You are definitely pregnant (congratulations!). The cheap tests are just as good (and accurate) as the more expensive ones. Although some of them will say how many weeks you are (generally 2-3 or 5-6 weeks) the best way to work it out is from a last period or a dating scan.

    Hope all goes well.

    Best wishes


  • Thanks everyone!!

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