Hi all, new to all this.

Had my period on 29 dec

Ovulating around 11/12 jan

We are trying for a baby,

Since ovulating iv had a few cramps in my lower abdoman and left ovary. And since ovulating i keep getting headaches in the afternoon!

Obviously cant take a pregnancy test yet and get an accurate answer but wanting to be positive.

Just wanted to share with others as noone to speak to about it.


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  • Hello.. I so hope its Positive for you.. When I get pregnant, I get pains in my lower stomach headaches and sickness all in the first 3 Weeks.. Fingers crossed for you xx

  • I feel ok today! Bit of headache at start of morning but feeling ok now. Trying to stay posotive! 🤞🏽

  • Hi im also new to this me and my partner are also trying for a baby and i had my period 26/27th i felt sick the other day and also had like stabbing pains in right side near hips but in abdomen also yesterday i was on way to my friends and just our of blue was nearly sick(came up) I've been having really bad back pain more when walking or sat down are these signs of pregnancy

  • Jess, its hard isnt it bcse u think is it all in my mind haha

    I keep testing my urine (negative) but i know its too early to show anything.. only 2 weeks is a long wait haha, i keep pinching my boobs hoping they hurt...

    Im still trying not to get my hopes up

    I have the headache again though..

    if i dont come on my period on 26th ish fab, if i do im deffo going drs cse i just dont feel right

  • Yer that's when im due to come on my period 26th ish im stressing though so don't help x

  • Hi There,

    I know it's hard to wait before you can so a test, but a PT is accurate 3 weeks after last sex, or if your period is later, lighter, shorter or doesn't come at all. Just try and have fun and relax, have sex every couple of days. Get prepared by starting folic acid and eating healthy, and hopefully all goes to plan. Good luck.

    Best Wishes


  • No problem abt it. If you get postive sign in pregnancy test, you will usually get cramps in lower abdomen, nausea, headaches, emesis etc. It is normally happened to new pregnant woman cause our hormone is increasing like as esterogen and progesteron for preparing a save place to baby in uterus. The process is sometimes appearing 3 months in pregnancy

  • Hi There,

    Lloyds pharmacy sell an early pregnancy test that they claim is accurate before you miss a period. Make sure you use the first pee of the day, and follow the instructions exactly. Or to be sure you would need to wait 3 weeks after the earliest sex you had. Good luck, I hope you get the result you want.

    Best Wishes


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