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How long does blood hcg take to come back?

Hi again! So I'm meant to be having my hcg tested tomorrow with a blood test. I was just wondering if anyone knows how long I've got to wait for the results? Its been a very long couple of weeks and I'm drained emotionally... I've had 4 positive tests in the last week but my doctor doesn't think I'm pregnant! I'm concerned because I'm taking anti depressants and if I am will it affect the baby? I'm having a lot of pain but they just give me codeine for it when I ended up in hospital 😢 I guess I'm just worried something is wrong and I'm causing it by not knowing for certain that I'm pregnant.

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it take 2 days to get them back an ain't depression pills will not hurt the baby ur doctor will just keep a close eye on you


Hi there

Let your doctor know that this all feeling rather stressful, as most results that are not considered urgent can be a week to 10 days, this way they must be able to ask for a quick turnaround.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



Hi I had my results today. They said everything is normal... So not pregnant and don't know what caused all the positives. I'm gutted


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