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So confused by tests

Hi, I'm on the POP pill and don't have any periods at all (been on them for about 2 years). I've taken them properly and always take extra precautions when needed (sickness bug, IBS etc.) But I've been feeling nauseous for over a week which caused me to take a test... It came back with a veeeery faint line for positive. I've taken numerous tests since then which have been negative so I'm a bit baffled! I've also been getting more symptoms like tender breasts and cramping (which may be psychological) and, sorry for being a bit yucky, my discharge has changed... I feel wetter than normal and when I wipe its more mucousy, like losing your plug at the end of pregnancy (its not smelly and I have no irritation). I went to the doctors today and they sent a wee sample to a lab to test for pregnancy but nothing else. He looked at me strange when I mentioned a blood test instead so they could check for other things and said let's get the easy stuff out of the way. Why would he send it to a lab instead of doing the test there and then? Do they do anything different to it? What is the likeliness of me being pregnant even though I've had 1 positive and 4 negative? Any thoughts? X

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Doctors test came back negative, but I lost some bloody discharge yesterday morning and had bad cramps all day so doctors took a swab for testing 😑 bizarrely last night my one boob started leaking! I haven't breastfed in 2 years! Don't know what to think anymore

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