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So confused could i be pregnant? is it too early to test!

Im a Little worried too, i came of the pill end of April i had a regular period then i had a little bleed between then as of today officially 1 week late but endless amounts of pregnancy tests all comeback negative what should i do? but gone of certain food lack of energy and always tired could i be pregnant?x

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Hi KirstyBeckz,

Have you had regular cycles since coming off the pull?

When I first came off I had a couple normal cycles then after that they were all over until I found out I had low/non existstant progesterone levels!

Your body may still be sorting itself out... Hormone wise, if not then go to your GPs where they may give you a blood test X


Best thing is to get a blood test and wait to see if you come in your period in the mean time. When I was on pill my period was on and off for a year before it settled to every month and when I came off I got a period whenever my body felt like giving me one for a while haha! If you feel pregnant keep taking tests every few days and see what happens


im usually regular and come on when expected the usual bloating and headaches and horrendous pp but this time its like my period is non existant but when i was pregnant with my other two daughters now 4 and 2 everything was pretty straight forward im just so confused as what to do when do you think i should test again thank you for all your replys xx


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