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No period or signs of it, but not pregnant either? Don't have a clue!


I just got my implant taken out after 2 years. I've not had a regular cycle or period since I got it on. Last time I had my period it was at the beginning of March for two weeks, quite bad actually. And now I've been without my implant for 3weeks and we are trying to get pregnant. The thing is we don't know what's going on. Been over a month (nearly 2) since my last period and I've taken a couple of tests and they're negative. Also took ovulation tests and also negative. I don't know if I've got proper symptoms, I get hot flushes often and been feeling quite sick on the bus twice this week. Not to mention the headaches I get every other day, pretty much. Feel bloated and irritable, and very anxious about knowing what's going on. I just wish I knew when is my period due again and my cycle too. 

Hope I can get some kind of answer to calm me down and stop overthinking this. 



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Hi, wouldn't worry too much sometimes it can take up to 6 months a long time for your cycle to return to normal. It will eventually. Some ladies are lucky and it returns within 4 weeks. I had the contraception injection and I chose to stop that as I bled continuously on it. It took 8 weeks for my cycle to return to normal. You could be feeling strange because your body has been used to having all this extra hormoan in and now it suddenly doesn't. Test in a few weeks though as some ladies can take months to show that they are pregnant on tests.


I thought so times! It is so easy tho to get paranoid and worried. But you're right, thanks! 

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