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Post abortion queries!!

I am new here..actually joined to clarify some of my queries..

I am 21 years old, was pregnant for 5 weeks when i had my abortion on 14th april 2016 via suction removal of foetus..

Somehow at the moment i am mentally stable after me and my partner both had to take this tough decision..

I started my contraceptive pill prescribed by doctor since 22nd april 2016..on 25th me and my partner again had sex, we used a condom which did not tear or had a hole..

We are not at all ready to face another abortion ever, and we are always in a fear of getting pregnant Inspite of being under contraception along with usage of a condom..since i am not being able to discuss about this with anyone i thought of joining the community to seek some help..

Inspite of using contraception and also condons which are perfectly fine without any puncture or tear, how strong are the chances of getting pregnant..

I got pregnant last time due to emergency pill failure, which i had within 3 hours of intercourse.. still it failed..

Help please..

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