Advice would be appreciated

Advice would be appreciated

Hi , Im new here and im looking for advice. I came of the depo injection in december and went onto the combined pill the date my next injection was due. Since starting the pill i have had a " period" every time i am off the pill - 21 days on and 7 days off for a bleed. I was on my break from the pill last monday- sunday ( 11th-17th) of april . I had brown discharge which was visible when wiping but no blood on wednesday and thursday on and off. I done a pregnancy test on saturday morning which came back a faint positive. I have done tests since then and they have all came back negative. does anyone have experience off this at all ? Is there a chance i could still be pregnant?

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  • Yes I've had this happen if it's a super sensitive pregnancy test it can pick it up before it has properly implanted. Aparently a lot of women have this and then just lose the fertilized egg during a normal period or bleed and have no idea they were pregnant in the first place.  Its highly likely your womb lining is too thin to hold onto pregnancy because of the pill if you have been taking it regularly and not missed any. Stranger things have happened though and you may well still be pregnant but definitely re test again in a week or so.

  • Thank you so much for replying . I came off the pill two weeks ago tomorrow and still no sign of af . No idea what is happening but I will definitely retest . 

  • No problem hope it all works out ok for you. 

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