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Need someone to discuss options

I found out yesterday that I am pregnant. I am struggling to make a decision whether to continue with it or not. I have an appointment for next week at one of the BPAS centers but I was wondering if anyone could recommend another place/organization where I can have a chat and discuss things, more like counceling I guess.

Many thanks 


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Hi there

If you are booked in at BPAS you can make your appointment a counselling session rather than a treatment session. That way you can just come in and talk to one of our counsellors who will provide you with impartial, evidence-based advice and counselling. Our staff are highly-trained and experienced in providing information on pregnancy options, abortion treatment options and after an abortion


If you call this number you can change your appointment or specify to the staff member that you would just like to talk to a counsellor and that can be arranged.

03457 30 40 30

I hope this helps

Best wishes



At the end of the day, only you know your reasons behind considering abortion. I would definitely go to a counselling session. Go to the doctors and find out how far along you are and how long you have left to make a decision either way. Keep acting as if you are pregnant just to be on the safe side and dont do anything until you are 100% sure on the idea. Good luck and hope you come to a decision you are happy with xx


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