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I've been with my boyfriend now for 3 months, we are both only 16 and im really worried, last time the condom came of and we didn't realize, now im late and feeling sick every morning, i have that weird taste that you get in your mouth, im eating load of stuff i used to hate such as hash browns, however things that i love such as tuna sandwiches are gross :/ im having agonizing tummy pains to the point i cant stand up and pain killers dont work. Im scared that because i smoke i might have done something as ive only just caught on to the fact that im late. My friend told me about something called a ectopic pregnancy. I've researched it and ive got some of the symptoms but not all. My friend is the only person ive told and im worried to tell my boyfriend because im scared that he is going to find it all to much and leave. Can anyone suggest anything please?

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Go to your gp or sexual health clinic and they can do a pregnancy test and give you advice.


Get yourself to gp or hospital to rule out ectopic pregnancy. GP will refer you to hospital for tests. All NHS have to keep confidential so you don't need to tell anyone unless you decide to. Most important thing right now is to be checked over. Good luck!


if u felt to be pregnant , take a pregnancy test to investigate. and if u dont want a baby, there is only way of abbortion left.


Hi there

You really need to find out if you are pregnant first (as stress and worry can delay periods). If it has been more than 3 weeks since the condom came off a pregnancy test would be accurate. I would suggest going to a young peoples’ NHS contraceptive clinic to do the test with the support of a nurse or a health advisor. That way they can look at the dates and help you decide what to do next depending on the result, and this way you get quality support. You can look up local clinics here:- by putting your postcode in.

I hope this helps

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