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Worried medical abortion at 7weeks

So I went through with an abortion at approx 7weeks on my secound visit to the clinic I was given one oral tablet one rectal and four viginal. I was advised that my uterus would start to contract causing pain that would get increasingly worse as the pregnancy passed. I would also have heavy bleeding with blood clots. However I've only experienced heavy bleeding with about 3 clots on several trips to the toilet. I have not experienced any pain at all none in the slightest. I'm worried that this may not be a good sign. Could someone give me some guidance?

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Hi there

Within our organisation we usually offer either a low sensitivity pregnancy test to do 2 weeks after your treatment, or ring the clinic where you had your treatment and ask for a post-treatment scan to check that everything has worked. It does sound like everything went to plan, so I hope you’re ok.

Best wishes



Abortion is a lol moment


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