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I'm praying for the luck

Well yesterday I took a blood pregnancy test and I am just experiencing more and stronger symptoms uggh talking about feeling way under the weather huh ? Lol but I would really like to have a baby and even tho I am young I know its going to really hard for me but I thank god I have the support from my parents sister and best friend and they are excited to I chosen my best friend to be the godmother I just really hope I get this blessing it will be what people call my rainbow baby the father wasn't able to be there for me with the miscarriage I was 4 months along and I found out early that it was a girl and my boyfriend wanted it to be a girl he always dreamt of having a baby girl first and we lost her but she will always be our princess but I just need all luck for the results tomorrow I'm wearing my lucky chain and I am praying constantly

Wish me luck 🍀 😁 🌠❤

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