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Hello, I am 39 and taking Gedarel. I have yet to have a period in the pill free week and tend to have it two or three weeks after. Recently my partner and I decided to not use additional contraception and just go with the pill. So, Friday 2nd October was my last period. My pill free week started Monday 12th October, started back on Monday 19th October. I have two main questions which if anyone could advise it would be great: Am I still protected if my period is elsewhere in the cycle other than the pill free week? At what point should I be concerned and try a pregnancy kit?

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Should have also said I have never missed a day of taking the pill nor I have had any tummy upsets! I have been using gedarel for 5 months now and have only started having unprotected sex 4 weeks ago

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I would say if you are worried about pregnancy it's always good to take a test just to be sure xx


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