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When should I take a pregnancy test if I no longer have periods?

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I have been on Cerelle (contraceptive) for nearly one year now and they stopped my periods after the first month or so. I'm also now in a happy relationship, my boyfriend and I have been dating for about 2 months now and we've been having unprotected sex since we trust each other and we're both clean.

Since I don't have periods but I know that the pill does not 100% prevent pregnancies, I want to occasionally check with a test but I read the instructions and they say to take it on the day your period is due or just prior. So I am unsure when to use mine since I no longer know when mine were due.

2 Replies

Hi there

If you have never missed any pills (ie more than 36 hours late with her pill) not having a bleed with Cerelle is normal, therefore the only way to check and for a pregnancy test to be accurate is to do a test 3 weeks after last sex, which is probably not practical. Perhaps you could consider having an Implant or IUS as they 99.9% & 99.8% effective respectively.

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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