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pain in right knee cap area

I'm taking cyclizine due to bad nausea & vomitting. I'm 12 weeks pregnant and lately, I have pain in the right knee area, it's achy and has been staying. Feels like rheumatism. Has anyone has such experience? I've been to the GP twice to get medication for nausea but feel like there's not sympathy and don't want to go to the GP only to be told it's nothing, just any pregnancy thing. =(

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Hi there

I'm sorry to hear that you GP hasn't been overly supportive, however not that maybe GP's will prescribe cyclizine so that is something. I do think that perhaps you knee is unrelated to the sickness. It might be worth getting in contact with Pregnancy Sickness Support as they have a phone line and online forum specifically for women who suffer from severe morning sickness.


I hope this helps

Best wishes



I went to see the GP again and was given another drug called prochlorperazine buccal. I don't like taking it but it stopped the vomitting and didn't have any weird stuff going on. So glad that now I'm nearing my 18th week and things have gotten better.


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