Could i be?

Hi everyone! Me and my partner are trying to conceive i had a period a few weeks ago (2/09/15) but i wasnt due until (7/09/15) and normally im 5/7 days but it was over by the sunday. Since then ive had dizzy spells mood swings cramps headache and sorr nipples some days ive had nausea and actually vomitted. I did a cheap test last week which was negative. Im really confused i just dont want to be disappointed agaib we have been trying for 6 months help lol thanks ladies

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  • Hi there

    I would suggest you take a pregnancy test 3 weeks after your last unprotected sex, or if your period is late. You may want to wait a bit and repeat the pregnancy test as a negative result may just have been done too early.

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes


  • you can buy the more expensive test that tells you how many weeks pregnant you are. But a more expensive test can still show negative as I was told when I did my dating scan that I actually conceived before my last period, but the test didn't show I was pregnant until my next period was due.

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