Am I pregnant?

Hi, I'm getting really worried and I have been told by three different doctors that I am not pregnant but I have had 3 negative tests and had a blood test this week, I am three weeks late on my period, I am getting nausea but not physically sick, having severe cramps in my stomachcand back and normal dont suffer these when I'm due on to start my period, Doctors have said that I'm not but I have a test for infections and theres nothing wrong?

The main thing I'm concerned about is if I'm getting all the symptoms like, nausea, cramps, urinating alot, tiredness, loss of appetite and my belly and breasts are sore to touch...

Is there anyone that could help me ????

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  • Hi there

    Urine and particularly the blood test is a very accurate way to access for pregnancy. Your best option is to go back to one of the doctors you have already seen and ask for them to investigate your symptoms some more, if you keep seeing different people it can become confusing.

    I hope this helps

    Best wishes


  • Hi Katherine,

    I have been back and they did the blood test for ovarian cists, pregnancy and something else just waiting on the results but at the end of the day all the symptoms I am having all link to pregnancy and I have been told that I'm not but I'm now three weeks late and there's no explanation to why I'm not coming on. Me and my partner have been trying to get pregnant as I came of the contraception pill last year and in the last 6 months we have been trying and this could be our break through but I haven't received any support from my doctors becauE they are basically calling me a liar and I know my body and something is definitely wrong

  • Hi there

    I'm sorry that you haven't received any support from your doctors. Perhaps you could pay for a private scan? However, blood tests are extremely accurate. For some couples it will take over a year to conceive so not unusual. I think it would be a good for you to wait on your test results and ask the doctors to talk it all through with you.

    Best wishes


  • Hoya, I have got my results back and its all negative, so having to go for an internal scan next month because still I haven't come on yet and its over three weeks now. They are saying its stress but I have been stressed before and its never been three weeks late because of it just doesn't make any sense and I don't know what's going on its starting to wordy me and upset me because I haven't got a clear answer yet 😢

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