unsure of date and what will happen on my first midwife appointment

Good morning, I am a first time mum and found out last tuesday I was pregnant. It took us a while to get where we are now so I am really nervous is anything bad will happen so I'm sorry if you see a few posts from me. My last period was about early to mid april (I suffer with pcos so they're never regular), long story short, I was at the hospital walk in center and they done a preg test then and it came back neg, three weeks later I come off holiday and stop taking norethistone and noticed I never came on so took a test and hey ho I'm pregnant. I then do a test saying how far gone I am and it says about 5-6 weeks can this be possible. Plus I had a midwife appointment on tueday after telling them on thursday I'm pregnant, any reason why my appointment is so soon, am I further gone than I thought? I'm so clueless.

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  • I meant to say have not had a midwife appointment

  • They will just book you in whenever they have got a slot free with the midwife - maybe you got a cancellation! Either way I wouldn't worry about this, it will be good to see her and try to get your head around it all.

    The first appointment is called the 'booking' appointment where they register your pregnancy, so it will be a lot of forms basically. Usually they will confirm dates at your 12 week scan but they might be able to do this sooner in your case as it is so unclear.

  • I was like this i had my first one last week. They just fill in forms about yours the fathers and close relatives medical history. Take some blood and urine test and you get lots of booklets etc

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