Cervix after surgical abortion

Hi I checked my cervix as I'm trying to conceive again. Had surgical abortion just over two weeks ago. Cervix appears to have a sort of scab on it.. Not sure if this is from the injection as it was local anaesthetic.

Also I've got pregnancy symptoms back II've had unprotected see three times we are tying to concieve again. Could we be pregnant agai? When do you normally ovulate after an abortion? Thank you

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  • Hi there

    I hope you are okay and not too confused by your symptoms.

    The earliest point at which you can ovulate is usually 21 days post treatment. Therefore you won't have conceived form the unprotected sex you have had since your operation. However, I would suggest going back to your provider to access a post-op check-up due to your continuing symptoms and the scab on your Cervix.

    I hope this helps and do get back in contact if you have any other questions.

    Best wishes


  • Thank you I'm a bit confused as another person said I could ovulate straight after the procedure and that at 11 days past the procedure I have probably already ovulated. We are trying to conceive again and I'm getting so confused as to when would be the best time. Thank you for your help

  • Hi

    Glad I could help. It can be difficult when you get conflicting information but is tends to be 21 days. If you are worried I would get back in contact with your service provider and they can talk you through everything.

    Best wishes


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