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Struggling to Conceive

Hi, my question is "Can you get pregnant if your body is not having periods?" and if not "Why am I not having periods?"

Background: Me and my fiance having been trying for a baby for over 6 months with no success. I had the implant for approx 7 years and had this removed nearly 7 month ago. Since removed I have had 2 small bleeds, neither of which seemed to me to be periods. Everything I have read says pregnancy after the implant can be immediate and that your cycles go back to normal, although I had no periods whilst on the implant. I have had slight health problems in that I had to have advanced pre-cervical cancer cells removed on 2 occasions. Any advice would be amazing. My GP insists my cancer history is not a problem and that I can still conceive even if having no periods (surely no period means no ovulation). I am very skeptical as this is the same GP who missed the cancer signs delaying my treatment.

Many thanks


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Hi I have been in the same position as you! Only I didn't have a period for over a year! I went to my doctor about it and they referred me on to gyny for investigations. Both me and my partner underwent infertility tests (he was fine) and it was the fact that I wasn't getting a period which was preventing us from conceiving. I had to get tubes checked (they were fine) and ultrasounds on my ovaries to make sure there were no cysts etc...again all fine. Just before the next stage of investigations I had a period and luckily fell pregnant...however it wasn't meant to be and I miscarried. However I've now been given a drug to help stimulate ovulation and hopefully to give me regular periods again! I would suggest going back to your doctor and asking them to refer to you gyny for further investigations. Also I would say to you try not to stress over it as that can also cause you to not have periods (I know easier said than done). Hope this is helpful for you.


Hi there,

I agree with Linzi - perhaps you could go back to your GPs and ask to be referred to a gynae consultant for a second opinion? You could also go to a family planning clinic as they will be able to talk about your cycle with you. I also want to second Linzi's point about stress - I know it must be difficult but do try not to worry. It can sometimes take a bit longer than we would hope to conceive, but it doesn't mean it won't happen for you, and there is probably nothing to worry about.

I hope this helps.

Best wishes,



Thanks your views are very helpful and comforting. My partner today has been referred for a sperm check just to rule things out on his part so think i will definitely make an appointment myself to speak to a female GP about my concerns. Would be great if i can be prescribed something to start my cycle now rather than waiting even further down the line.


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