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Scared & Confused

According to a Ovulation Calculator I've been using I Was Ovulationg from Oct. 9 - 14 And I Had Unprotected sex Every one of those day & my Boyfriend Injected inside me everytime.. I don't know if I'm Pregnant and my Period shouldn't Come until the end of October or the Beginning of November.. can you Tell me when I should Take a Test ? I'm only 16. and I'm Confused

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Hi Carmen

The earliest time that you can take a test is three weeks after you have had unprotected sex, so that would be the end of October, early November. If you find the test is negative then I would suggest waiting a week and taking another test. Is there anybody who can be with you when you take the test? If you have a local young person's sexual health clinic near you and you feel comfortable visiting it might be a good idea to take a test with them so they can help you and talk to you about contraception for the future. Does that all make sense?

I hope this helps

Best wishes



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