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Hi ladies, new to the forum & seeking a bit of advise

So, I'm not proud to say it but I had unprotected sex with my other half a few days ago & apart the mini contraceptive pill which I forget to take on some days I'm not on any other form of contraception.

We ( me & hubby) have 2 children together as I've given birth to our 2nd child nearly 4 months ago.

I maybe just being paranoid but I feel like I've been in a terrible mood today & I feel a bit more tired than usual.

As I also think it may be a bit early to do a pregnancy test I'm gonna wait until at least next week some time & see what happens as I'm not due my period until the end of the month.

Just wanted to hear some advise & a bit of reassurance if possible.

Thanks in advance. :)

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Hi Abeena,

Depending on when you had unprotected sex and if you would want to use emergency contraception there are methods you still might be able to use. Both the ellaOne emergency contraceptive pill and the coil can be used up to 120 hours after having sex, but you would need to go to you GP or family planning clinic for either. But if that isn't an option and you would like to test as soon as possible, you can get some very sensitive home testing kits that you can use 6 days before the day of your missed period. They are more accurate the closer you are to your period so yes you might, as you say, want to wait until you are closer to when you are due.

I hope that is of some help! The mini pill can be very difficult to take, especially making sure you stick to the same time every day with a new baby. If you feel like you want to try a different method I'm sure there are other options available.

Best wishes,



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