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Loose Stools - Any support or advice?


I have now had looser stools for just under 3 weeks. Mainly in the morning he stools is formed but with mush around it. Later stool can be smaller but not accompanied by mush, also still only going twice a day maybe 3 times which is normal for me. There is also more noticeable food like Blueberry skin, Carrots and oats or sweetcorn at times in looser part of stool. I took Imodium on Monday and up until this morning have had much more normal stools. Also taking Mebeverine for stomach aches and gas building up (at times can feel it below belly button and can massage it out). Should I be taking more Imodium? are Mebeverine best bet? Before these last few weeks I suffered on and off for 2 months with Constipation which I got under control and the spot bleeding from straining, normal bloods, fit test etc. Saw Colorectal specialist yesterday who referred me for a non urgent Colonoscopy which could be months away, felt a bit cheated, only saw me for ten mins privately hardly listened or offered anything other than very very unlikely to be Bowel Cancer, did examine me etc all normal. Does anyone get looser stools for this long etc, how did you cure them?