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Hi there, I have been diagnosed with Bile Acid Malabsorption and are taking Cholestage. With a maximum of 45gr of fat a day I seem to overcome the terrible constipation I had. Yes diarrhoea and also Constipation. My absorbtion with the Scan showed 7 percent. I want to share my experience with somebody. By the way I have been diagnosed 4 years ago at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London.

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Hi, I was also diagnosed last October after years of struggling. I have just received my first medication. Despite my requesting colesevelam tablets I have been sent questran lite sachets. My consultant asked my dr. to prescribe colesevelam but didn’t give the reason why. I know (we all seem to know a lot more than our gps an put this condition) that ordinary questran is almost impossible to get currently. The lite version contains aspartame, which causes .....diarrhoea! I have enough problems already, don’t need any aggravation. So back to the doctor I will go! Again!