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Question about Forteo injector pen

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If you discharge the Forteo pen without the needle attached does that mess up the dosage? When I use it the next time will I get 2 doses?

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I don’t know. I should think you will just be short of a dose at the end of 4 weeks. I’ve not made that mistake. I have thrown needle cover into sharps bin and then couldn’t get needle off cartridge and had to empty bin and find the right one. I would phone ROS, nurse they would know (if there on Sunday?). Or do you have a contact no for a Lloyds pharmacy nurse?

Hello Lattelover

I had a problem with one pen - it sort of got stuck 3/4 way down, so didn't know if I had had full injection. I phoned the Lloyds pharmacy people and eventually got someone to sort me out - Was told missing a small amount of the injection on one occassion would not cause me an issue, but to check if I had a faulty pen to put a new needle on, charge the pen and discharge it into the sharps bin to check the pen wasn't stuck / blocked. I did this and it worked fine, reported it and asked - Will I now be short of one dose at the end of the month. Answer no there is slightly more in each pen than needed, but the medication needs to be replaced after the month.

Based on that if you are unable to get help from Lloyds before you are due a dose I would do a tester into the sharps bin. That way you'll know you are only getting 'one dose', but should not run out of needles or doses before the end of the month.

Good luck

Posy White

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