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Alendronic Acid and migraines

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Has anyone had migraines associated with alendronic acid? I took AA for 3 weeks and then stopped (with GP blessing - see other posts). I was diagnosed with ocular migraines about 3 years ago and had a very occasional one. They are migraines with an aura and all the associated blind spots and weird visual effects - but they go away after 20 mins with no real lasting problem except some tiredeness and no headache (which is a blessing!). They can leave a feeling of pressure though sometimes. Not dangerous but very annoying especially if you are wanting to drive etc. As I said, only an occasional one previous to taking AA for 3 weeks. They started to become daily 2nd week into the AA and since I stopped have been less frequent but still 2 or 3 times a week (stopped taking it about 5 weeks ago). My question is - has anyone else experienced this and also how long does it take the AA to get out of your system? I got the optician to test my eyes and he says nothing new there and anyway nothing to do with eyes and all to do with brain chemicals.

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I have taken Alendronic acid for many years and I also have migraine which from your description has been very similar to yours except that mine have sometimes been very painful. But the worst of my migraine episodes were before I started Alendronic acid and are, I think, mostly triggered by stress, not by chocolate or coffee which can be the case for some people. The Alendronic acid has kept my bones in fair condition -I am 90 years old with no serious fractures.I hope this is helpful to you,

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Thanks for responding Barjac. Your migraines sound more troublesome than mine. At least I don't get the headache. Mine started before the AA but I only got them very occasionally and the AA ramped up the frequency. I am wondering if there is a gut/brain connection as the AA gave me really bad gastric symptoms and there is some research that suggests migraine can be caused by things happening in your gut (gut/brain vagus nerve connection). Thanks for your reply and I hope the AA continues to work well for you. I am hoping mine subside again soon - I am not sure how long it takes for the AA to leave your body.

I have recently developed ocular migraines and now wonder if it has something to do with alendronic acid, which I have been taking for about a year with no other apparent side effects.

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It's possible. There is some suggestion that there is a big connection between the gut biodome and migraine. Ocular migraines (so my doc told me) are just a migraine without the headache. This might be of interest

I stopped taking AA after 10 weeks due to gastric problems and bone pains. I fortunately have never suffered from migraines. Sorry if my reply isn't very helpful!

Thanks for taking the time to reply - sorry you couldn't take AA. Hope you found another way forward

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