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Risendronate versus Alendronic Acid

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I have been on AA for 20 months now and the side effects are getting worse. Eyes, headaches, tiredness and brain fog. My Doctor suggests I try Risendronate instead. Has any one any info or advice they can give me. Is it worth a try?

29 Replies
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I could not tolerate either of them. I have heard that risedronate is meant to have less side effects than AA for some people, but not for me.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Kaarina

Thanks for the reply Kaarina, it is so hard to know what to do.

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I took Alendronic acid for four months then gave up because of the side effects - more or less what you had but I kept getting sinus infections my teeth and ears hurt too - I was on to my fourth lot of antibiotics in that time by the time I gave up. I know I’m in my 70s but I felt like a really old, infirm person. It was horrid.

When my fracture liaison nurse caught up with me for what would have been my one year check up she said she wished I had contacted them because I could have been offered Risendronate because it had fewer side effects. I didn’t do it though because I’d had enough by that time and I felt like my old self once I’d stopped the AA.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Hi, Thanks for the response. I am 75 so know where you are coming from. I have started to feel a lot older than I should on this AA so guess I have nothing to lose by trying R. I will keep posting once I am on it so you all know what effect it is having. Am trying not to be afraid of the future and live for the present but it is difficult at times. Take care, stay safe.❤🌞❤

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to Pinklady45

Good luck with it, I hope the R works for you, the nurse that I spoke to seemed to think it would have been better for me. I think it’s a pity they start off with the cheapest (and nastiest?) version of a drug which leave some people feeling bad. I’m full of admiration for you for having kept going for 20 months when you didn’t feel good because I know how awful you can feel with AA. You take care too 😊

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Pinklady45 in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Thanks for that.❤🌞❤

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JulDeb7374 in reply to Fruitandnutcase

So sorry you have suffered so much, I have to say I am still here looking at my tablet to scared to take it, its only one a month IBANDRONIC acid but the side effects are so scary. Don't know what to do. I think I will just look after myself at 77 and enjoy my life without taking it. Good luck.

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Pinklady45 in reply to JulDeb7374

You must do your own research, look at the ROS website, you can phone their Nurse led helpline for a chat which will help you come to a decision which is right for YOU. You are the only person important in this.

As well as looking at the side effects you must consider the drawbacks to NOT taking your prescribed medication.

Read the various posts from Fruitand nutcase and Sunseaandsand who always give excellent advice, also Meeto.

I wish you well in your journey.

Stay safe and be happy.❤🌞❤

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JulDeb7374 in reply to Pinklady45

Thank you. Take care.

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I'm currently off Risedronate Sodium awaiting dental surgery in my local hospital in August but will have no hesitation in resuming once healed. My normal dental practice, to which I've subscribed for donkeys' years, will not risk extractions for clients who are on bone density medication: it's changed hands many times and currently offers all sorts of beauty therapies but I have no wish to rejuvenate when I see the practitioners caked with makeup at the hairline on their foreheads!

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MaggieSylvie in reply to Dodo1943

I didn't know that! I haven't seen my dentist for over two years; I am taking AA etc without having been diagnosed with osteoporosis and no-one told me I couldn't see the dentist. Just as well I have no problems with my teeth and haven't tried to get an appointment. And just as well I had my extractions long before Covid started.

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to MaggieSylvie

No, it’s ok to see your dentist - in fact it’s probably quite important to see your dentist. It’s just they aren’t happy to do certain procedures on people taking bone density medication. Normal checkups etc are ok.

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MaggieSylvie in reply to Fruitandnutcase

Thanks - yes, I realise the ruling may depend on who the dentist is and what procedures you need, but I'm a bit miffed my dentists haven't offered me an appointment as they haven't seen me since they sent me to another dentist for an extraction.

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Fruitandnutcase in reply to Dodo1943

The place I used to go to started doing Botox, fillers etc. Some years ago when they started branching into that sort of thing I met someone who used to work at the school where I taught - she was a very well dressed, well turned out lady and she was most indignant that while she was having her check up the dentist asked if she would like Botox for her wrinkles. I met her just as she came out and she was stunned about it - have to say we had a good laugh about it. I was lucky to be spared all that.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Dodo1943

Thanks for the info, glad you are getting your teeth fixed at last, my Dental surgery, to which I have been going for over thirty years have continued to see me for check ups and descaling on a six monthly basis all through lockdown so I feel very lucky in that respect. They tell me not to worry about jaw bone problems as they have yet to see a case! Just do not want to be their first !Take care and stay safe.🌞❤🌞

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Hi PinkLady45,

Why do we find ourselves faced with such hard decisions?

I think in the coming few weeks I amgoing to be faced with making some of my own.

Twenty months does seem a reasonable time to have given it a go with AA I have always persevered that way you can be absolutely sure it is the new treatment that is causing your symtoms and not something else.

I would say it is worth trying any of the treatments because there are many people who do really well on them.

The most important thing in my opinion is to do whatever is possible to prevent bone loss and the fractures that result from it.

The majoroty of side effects from the treatments diminish on ceasing the treatments, but the pain and changes to our bodies caused by fractures irreversibly.

I say give it a go and I hope it works out well for you.

Take care and let us know how you are.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Sunseaandsand

Many thanks for your kind words, the only reason I persevered with AA so long was that my Husband was shielding so neither of us were going out at all! So it did not seem too important that I was spending one day a week in bed!

Also not being able to even speak with my Doctor. I had to wait three weeks for a telephone consultation as it was!

I will give R a good go as I watched my Mother suffer in the last ten years of her life and do not want to go down that route if I can possibly help it.

I know my Doctor is doing her best but I do feel a rather young woman will not truly understand until she is a lot older.

Take care and stay safe.❤🌞❤

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Sunseaandsand in reply to Pinklady45

I agree that you should give it a try.

Spending one day in bed a week because of the treatment is not something you would want to be doing.

I would not want to intrude on your memories of your mother but wonder if you would mind sharing with me how osteoporosis effected her in the last 10 years of her life.

I am not in a good place myself and do think about what may come along and how I will cope with it.

If you would prefer not to discuss it I will quite understand.

On my last post I believe you mentioned your mother's later years as did another member.

I have been pondering on asking.

Take care and I wish you well with your treatment.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Sunseaandsand

Hello, In retrospect my Mother had Osteoporosis in her fifties when she cracked a rib just bending over! This was in the early 1960s when I was but a girl (remember those days ?) No diagnosis was made then naturally.

She was a very heavy smoker, started in the War, and not a good eater so everything was against her. About ten years later I noticed she was getting shorter,she was only 5ft to begin with but it was not until I was married and only saw her every month or so that I noticed!

She complained of back ache but still no diagnosis. Fractures most probally.

She developed bowl cancer which rather clouded the picture and had a Colostomy which she coped with very well until her sight started to go when she was in her 80s and Dementia started to affect her.

Whilst banging the door mat on the garage wall to clean it of mud ! she fell and fractured her Pelvis. It was only then when she was about the age I am now (75) that Osteoporosis was mentioned, but no treatment offered.

At this time I tried to research Osteoporosis and joined the NOS as it was then. Still no treatment from her Doctor, probally nothing they could do then. ( late 1980s)

A year or two later she fell in the street and broke her hip. A hip replacement operation was forthcoming, which did not give her back the mobility she had before. She used a stick to begin with then a Zimmer frame as her mobility became less.From the time she fractured her Pelvis until her death at the age of 90 she was in almost constant pain which was not very well controlled.

Cocodamol was all she had to help and my Father did not like her taking them so put them at the top of the medicne cabinet where she could not reach! My Father and I had a row every time I visited!

Sorry this is so long but I think it is important to know and understand that, that was then and now is a different time.

Treatment,even if we hate it, is available, more is known and understood about this and Pain Relief is so much better.

We can control our lives more these days so please do not be afraid of the future, I am sure yours will be so much more comfortable than my Mothers was. She was very uneducated and never understood much about her body.

You are wiser in that respect. Ask for more info if you need to.

Take care and stay safe.❤🌞❤🌞❤

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Sunseaandsand in reply to Pinklady45

Thank you so much for taking the time to write to me and for sharing, it is very much appreciated.

Your reference to the 1960's enabled me to reminisce.

In the late sixties I was in senior school and met my husband at the grand old age of 12!!!

Many happy memories have come to mind and I thank you for that.

As you say in your message things were very different in those day's and we have lived through many changes.

One thing that has not changed though is the fact that illness can and does cause great pain and to see our loved one's suffering is a huge burden to bear.

My father died suddenly from a massive heart attack and we were told for him it was like a light being turned out (So quick) we did not have to stand by and see him in pain which was a blessing, but it is difficult for the ones left behind.

We all have very different views on medications and there has to be a balance on getting it right.

My sister was the opposite to your father and she was for really pushing the meds onto my mother, this distressed my mother and like you there were many harsh words exchanged.

Your mother sounded to be a very strong woman and did very well to continue as she did.

Banging mats good heavens!! how I wish I could do that.

Well thank you once again and keep in touch. Xx

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when did brain fog etc start? was it 20 months ago or later? for that does sound horribly like long covid; had been on A Acid for several years with only minor gut problems at start (but have had to change as it didn't improve t-score)

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Pinklady45 in reply to mravazhamier

Hi, the brain fog was there right from the start unfortuately, kept hoping it would go away but it did not, some weeks worse than others and could never work out why! Only on the day I took the A A. Predates covid by many months! Sorry your t score did not improve, not everything works the same way for people. Good luck for the future.

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Hello. I’ve just started taking risendronate after coming off AA, which I was on for a short 3 months! Whilst on AA I had taste disturbance, tiredness, lack of energy, nausea, depression and generally felt very unwell … I’m normally very active and healthy but AA changed that! Im hoping I’ll be able to tolerate risendronate better. I wish you all luck in your journeys.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Tues

Hi Tues, I do truly wish you good luck with Risedronate, sadly after three months on it the side effects again got the better of me, see earlier posts, so I have now stopped taking Biphosphates completely. Nine weeks down that road I am feeling so much better in myself, almost back to how I was before I started on theAA two years ago! Taking extra care with my diet and extra exercise must be enough for me now. Stay safe. Pinklady45 💗

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Sorry to hear you stopped taking biphosphates completely. I think I may do this myself if I can’t tolerate R. However my doctor has mentioned the next step would be referral to rheumatologist and possible infusions. Good luck and keep well.

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Tues in reply to Tues

So I’ve been on R for 2 weeks. Constant indigestion and now started with heartburn. It’s getting me down. That’s it for me I’m afraid. I persevered with AA for quite a while in the hope it would get better with time but not going to do the same with R. Life is for living not feeling unwell and miserable. Doctor said next step was referral for infusions. So I’ll see how that goes.

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I’m due to try Risedronate and I’m hoping the side effects aren’t as bad as AA was for me. It wasn’t until I stopped taking AA ( only managed to be on it for 4 weeks) that I realised the side effects were getting worse.

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Pinklady45 in reply to Elaiworthy

Hi Elaiworthy, Good luck with R, it works well for a lot of people and hopefully will be kind to you. Stay safe. Pinklady45 😀💗

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Tues in reply to Elaiworthy

I meant to reply to you but relied to myself instead! 😂😂

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