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Alendronic Acid

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I’ve only taken two tablets up til now, but I’ve read about having a dental check up before taking them. I do have dental issues so should I stop taking AA until I have my dental check up. Im also on Prednisolone for 5 days due to some breathing issues but I’m actually thinking maybe it’s the AA not asthma or Bronchiectasis. I’m currently lying awake at 1-30am due to the steroids!

Also I started having symptoms within a few days of taking AA including brain fog, aches and pains, tiredness, stomach

pain, nausea. One benefit of the steroids the seem to have counteracted the tiredness ( every cloud…..).

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Had a quick look at an earlier post and I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I can't offer any advice about the AA, although it is importnt your dentist know you are taking it. The reason it's recommended yousee a dentist before starting the med is because any dental work should be done before. As you are probably aware the AA can have a deleterious effect on the jawbone and dental work, if it impacts your bone, may not heal as well.

You were given some good advice in your other post in this community.

Although you are on medication and your t-score is worse than mine was, I recommend you read my story, It will give you some ideas about more ways to help your bones get stronger and there is no reason why you can't follow a similar protocol while on the medication - only side effect will be better health!

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Thank you HeronNS. I’ve had a quick read of your link and will look more in depth. I’ve started more reading this is what concerned me about the dental treatment.

On the exercise you mentioned I walk and do some gentle yoga, and some light weights hoping to increase this gradually. My Bronchiectasis causes chest infections which in turn affect the asthma. Chest infections tend to Interrupt my exercise routine and can take a while to recover from but I try to maintain some exercise but to a lesser extent at these times.

It does seem doing your own research is key and I did this with Bronchiectasis and had help and information from lovely people on British Lung Foundation health unlocked.

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HeronNS in reply to Elaiworthy

It's a balancing act, isn't it? And I agree, HU can be enormously helpful.

In rare cases AA can cause wheeziness, and the aches and pains and stomach symptoms you describe are fairly common side effects. I would stop taking the AA, see if your symptoms clear up and at the same time see a dentist (if it's possible to get an appointment any time soon!). If the symptoms all subside, ask your GP about alternative treatments.

Don’t know if you are taking calcium / vitamin D along with the AA but I started my calcium (calcium carbonate) a week before I started AA and felt terrible. I felt worse than I did with the AA so it could be that too. I now get most of my calcium through my diet and top up daily with a small amount of calcium citrate and that’s fine.As it was I stopped the AA after a few months because although it didn’t affect my gut I felt incredibly tired, my bones ached, ears ached, teeth hurt, sinuses hurt, I just didn’t feel good. I stopped for a break and didn’t start again.

I too was very worried about my teeth although my dentist seemed very casual about it didn’t seem to see a problem when I spoke to him before I started.

I would speak to your fracture liaison nurse and see if they can give you something different to AA.

It was weird after I’d taken my second AA tablet after an hour I had brain fog and 3 hours later it suddenly got much worse and then eased after another 3 hrs. I’ve had some sinus pain I was just recovering from that before I start AA. I’m on adcal d3 2 twice a day.

I started off on calcium tablets called Accrete - I used to call it concrete, then I was changed on to Adcal twice a day (which I quite liked taking) like you have but I still felt bad - it upset my IBS - then I used the ROS calcium in diet calculator and worked out I was getting quite a lot of dietary calcium so the fracture liaison nurse said just to take vitamin D3 which I buy for myself I take between 1000 and 3000 depending on my calcium levels . I bought some calcium citrate and take one capsule a day just as a top up and I’m fine with that.Interesting that you’ve had sinus pain too.

Hi, I was prescribed with Adcal and AA. I started taking the Adcal right away and found it was affecting my digestive system and making me very constipated. I calculated I was getting enough calcium through my diet so switched to just Vitamin D after talking to the doctor. I delayed starting my AA until after a dentist appointment which was quite helpful as I was able to distinguish between the effects of the two medications. The doctor told me to explain the reason with the appointment to my dentist so that I could get a quick appointment, which I did. All was fine so I started on the AA. The first time I took the tablet I felt like I have been trampled by a herd of cows and was in pain all over. It cleared after 3 days and fortunately I was fine after the subsequent tablets. I am strict about keeping very upright for half an hour after taking the AA, much to the entertainment of my husband, and have had no digestive issues as a result of the AA. I do however feel stiffer and have painful wrists which don't affect me most of the time but I definitely feel it when I am doing yoga. I would be tempted to stop the AA until you see the dentist and see how your symptoms change and use that to discuss the best course of action with your doctor. Good luck with the balancing act. It is so hard to know what is best to do, especially when you need to consider how you feel now and what you should do for your best long term health. Sometimes it feels that these are contradictory. Take care

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MaggieSylvie in reply to Amber53

I've never had any probems with AA and Evacal. In fact, I do feel a benefit. Staying upright is a pain, so I come down before I get dressed and take the AA, and then getting washed and dressed, followed by a few standing chores makes the 30 - 60 minutes flash by, but I can't then handle the shopping being delivered later. I didn't realise I wasn't going to get any help from my OH. Of course, you can't take pain killers or anything within half an hour either side of taking AA. By the time you remember to take some, it's too late.

I have heard that, but when I was prescribed, earlier this year, it wasn't an option (I haven't seen a dentist for three years). All I have noticed is a bit more sensitivity when eating something cold.

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