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Alendronic Acid


Been on the above for a few years now 70mg once a week, just been unfortunate enough to have suffered a double (tib and fiB compound fracture while in the Lake District, idiots at Lancaster hospital sewn me up and sent me home with a back slab to an out patients appointment 4 days later meanwhile (3 weeks later in a proper hospital MRI I’m still fighting a blood infection on a vac because they sewn me up! I’ve still been takin my tablet wondered wether to up the dose or stop altogether until it’s healed, emailed and phoned my osteo genesis professor a few times and left messages to no evail ?? Any thoughts

I’m a very fit 5 days a week gym visitor diagnoses with brittle bone a while back after my son was, so just asked to go on a course of Alendronic Acid , no side effects to speak of and the recent X-ray the surgeon said he didn’t notice I had it via my xrays?

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X-rays don't show Osteoporosis, you need a DEXA scan to diagnose that. Ask for a DEXA scan ASAP, as it will show your bone density.

Ouch, that sounds like a nasty fracture! I hope the infection clears and the fracture heals soon. You definitely shouldn't increase the dose of your Alendronic Acid! You say you've been on it for a few years, so you may well be due a break from it. For most people it's recommended to stop it for a year or two after 5 years maximum as taking it for too long can cause the bones to become weaker instead of stronger. If you can't get hold of your specialist consultant, I'd recommend seeing your GP to discuss it, and as poemsgalore says, ask for a follow up DEXA scan. I assume you had a DEXA scan when you were first diagnosed?

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Thanks Met for your reply I’ll have to see the specialist soon anyway sure I’m due a “break” 🙈 from it!! My life is due a break from breaks to be honest! Spent more time recouperating it seems x

That is Fosamax in another wolf's clothing, no??? No wonder you had a fracture you poor thing. Did you research it's side effects first? I took it for about a month before I realized I was crazy. Nothing broken or fractured yet, and am still able to grow bone for an implant. Please research it's side effects and how you can stop it if you want to.

Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply, it was recommended by professor Selby at the Manchester MRI clinic I’ve had MRI Scans he said it was better but obviously never be perfect and at nearly 50 it’s never gonna be, I go to the gym 5 days a week and feel or (felt) best ever shape so I’m gutted I’ve been put back by this now. Hard for us O.i lot isn’t it 😔

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