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Spinal compression

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I have recently sadly sustained another spinal compression which is really painful this time. Not helped by the fact it has taken my doctors so long to sort out medication for me. I had my first in August last year and I’ve still not started on any programme after failing to get along with alendronic acid and risedronate. They have given me a cocktail of drugs to take for the pain but my blood pressure is rising. Does anyone know of an effective anti inflammatory or pain killer that will not do this. I’ve got naproxen, morphine and cocodamol (which brings its own probs if taken too much). Thank you. Oh and by the way I’m in the UK.

29 Replies
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I'll be interested to see what replies you get, I was diagnosed with osteoporosis in my spine almost 2 yrs ago, just getting over my first compression fracture and waiting a clinic appt

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philippa1412 in reply to Jennymary

Good luck with your appointment I hope you get the results you need

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I was given diclofenac anti inflamatory,tramadol for pain,robaxin for muscle spasms then graduated to Fentanyl as Butec weren’t enough.It took ages to get pain meds that worked & I had to keep nagging my doc,eventually got new one.Am on lowest Fentanyl paych now & want to come off it but don’t want the pain!Stronger patches gave me dreadful nausea so took Stemetil too,still have one a day.Nag your doc,you don’t need to be in so much pain!

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philippa1412 in reply to fraid

Thanks. I shall look that up. Docs simply won’t speak. I have to hassle with the receptionist. Just find it unbelievable how alone you are left. My friend who is diabetic has had so much intervention which I am pleased about but find there is no follow up or pathway for osteoporosis at all. Never mind thank goodness for info on sites like these.

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HiSo sorry to hear you have a new fracture.

I have diazapam for the muscle spasms, this can only be used for a short period of time but can be stopped and re started.

I have also had in the past patches for the pain.

I have liquid morphine but this is only short lasting.

The most effective meds I have taken to block the pain and enable sleep have been opioids, again these are short term drugs as they are extremely powerful.

Many are afraid to take these because of bad press reports on addiction.

If they are used under medical supervision,whilst the fractures heal they really are the best thing to take.

I came off them slowly without any problems.

Again these are best for short term use as when further fractures occur you can go back on them.

I can not understand people who are prepared to suffer with pain rather than be helped with these meds.

Try not to worry about the drugs they have given you as this in itself will raise the blood pressure.

I wish you a speedy recovery, and perhaps you coukd speak to whoever has pescribed your bone meds about the possibility of trying another treatment.

Do whatever you can to protect yourself from further fractures.

The more you have,the more pain and disability will result.

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philippa1412 in reply to Sunseaandsand

Thank you so much. Yes I keep asking. I have an endo appointment next week. Hopefully infusion will be imminent.

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Hi there,I am in the UK and have 4 spinal fractures - I had vertibroplasty in 2 of the new ones to stabilise them -this has significantly reduced my pain - this problem is the two older ones were not eligible ( it took 1 year to diagnose those,GP did not take the pain in my spine seriously as 55 and no trauma so thought I was over reacting! )

I tried strong pain killers which did not touch the pain just made me feel rubbish

I found a simple hot water bottle relaxed the muscles and reduced pain whilst it was on my back which gave me some relief

Good luck

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philippa1412 in reply to Haze62

Oh dear. Sadly typical of GPS. thank for reminding me about hot water bottles. Used last night and what a difference.

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philippa1412 in reply to philippa1412

Hope all is well with you at the moment.

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catno1 in reply to Haze62

Hi,Just seen your reply here and wanted to say a quick hello from someone who has experienced similar. October 2019 I experienced 3 compound fractures in my thoracic spine as well as delightfully hellish pain from a spinal disc that was swollen and sticking into a binary nerve in my lumbar spine. Plus a back corner fracture of a lower vertebrae. I'd lost 3inches in height overnight. The pain killers they administered were a joke, not helped by me already having three other diseases Lupus, APS & osteoarthritis. One of the reasons for their lack of support was like yourself my age, I was 51. Made me feel like I was making a fuss.

Similarly to your hot water bottle I find a hot shower directed onto my back relieves the tight pain and is better than swallowing more pills!

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and commiserate with you about the ridiculousness of age being taken into consideration.

Take care,x

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Morning all,terrible to hear of new fractures ,it’s my worst fear having to go through it all again.I’m not on treatment coz the side effects are something I could not tolerate.Not sure if I broke rib yest.stabbing pain on left ,right under boob,sheer agony so back on Tramadol as patch not enough.Pain goes off though,so is it just a muscle in spasm?Anyone know if rib would hurt all the time?Thanks.Have a good day everyone?🤗

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Sorry toLearn you are in such awful

Pain. May I ask what your T scores are in your spine? I hope the advice given by others will help you. All the best and love to you x

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philippa1412 in reply to Jangil9

Oh every time someone gives me a different score. I just know it’s bad in my spine and osteopenia in hips. I shall speak to endo next week. Hopefully he will make clearer 🤞

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Jangil9 in reply to philippa1412

Thanks - I’m interested to know at what T score do people’s spine collapse - mine is -3.8 and so far so good although the thought of it happening is a concern. Good luck and thanks Jan

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philippa1412 in reply to Jangil9

Hi. Think mine is different in different places. Some was 3.7 and at its worse 4.1. So of course no expert I presume it’s just luck or unlucky I imagine. I presume fractures can happen with lower scores too. From what I’ve been told keeping the muscles strong is a help and imagine even if fractures occur stronger muscles will aid recovery. The ROS nurse helpline which is free is an amazing source of info if you are concerned. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

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Jangil9 in reply to philippa1412

Hi againYes it seems to be the luck of the drawer. I attend Onero classes here in Sydney. They help build muscle as you mentioned.

Visit. theboneclinic.com.au/

I wish you well and for you to be free of pain. Sending love from me in Australia

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philippa1412 in reply to Jangil9

Thank you! That clinic looks amazing. Sadly we are far far behind here. Hopefully things will change.

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Hi, I take paracetamol and tramadol (2 of each on a morning), and paracetamol through the day as needed. I don't find naproxen much use, nor co codamol. You cannot take anti inflammatory tablets if you are on medication for high blood pressure

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philippa1412 in reply to Soalta

Thanks. I shall keep that in mind. They don’t seem to worry about the bp thing for some reason. Worrying.

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Hi,I have oesteoarthritis and oesteoporosis in my spine, oesteoarthritis in neck, shoulders,hips fingers ,thumbs,hands,knees feet and toes,the painkillers I take are Zapain ,I take naproxen as well.If I were you go back to your doctor and ask h to review your medication and if it's possible to change them to suit you

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philippa1412 in reply to FINNlin

I shall go back. I have an endo appointment next week. Maybe will give better clues and ideas than gp. You sound as if you have a very painful time. Thoughts are with you. Thank you for info re tablets. Useful to know as go seems to need guiding!!!

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FINNlin in reply to philippa1412

Hope they can help you more and you.

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Have you thought of joining the Royal Osteoporosis Society? They might have some helpful information.I have been able to take Alendronic acid for many years, without side effects, with great benefit to my bones. Would it be an idea to ask your doctor if you should persevere with it to see if the side effects reduce?

So sorry to hear about the pain you are suffering and hope that you find some medication that brings relief. And keep telling your doc that the medication is not working.

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Thanks. I do belong and they are great and have suggested other meds which I’ve passed on to my docs. Unfortunately oral tablets are just not for me. I will have the infusion shortly I hope. So pleased to hear your positive experience though. Amongst so many negative ones it is important. I was put off initially trying by them and of course has probably caused these issues. As mentioned in another thread often people saying don’t take haven’t suffered fractures.

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walk21 in reply to philippa1412

I had bad reactions to many painkillers but found it helped to use a hot water bottle or another time frozen peas wrapped in a towel (for ten minutes at a time). A TENS machine also helps a bit if you can reach the places to put the sticky pads on, or if someone can help you.

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Hi philippa1412,

I use co codamol and oramorph for the pain and have also started using Voltarol gel. I rub it into my hips and back. I can't take anti inflammatories but the gel is ok. I was given Biofreeze in hospital for my back after colorectal cancer surgery, but GP can't prescribe it.

The pain is still there despite the cocktail. I fully sympathize.

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Hi,A little late to reply by I sent a reply to someone who replied to you earlier. My osteoporosis was finally diagnosed in 2016. My lumbar spine is already -5.7 much to the confusion and care taken by doctors which I have received due to being early 50s. Due to other diseases I am on a cocktail of drugs. The gabapentin and oxycodone prescribed after diagnosis of four fractures, three of which were compound, did nothing. The drug that I have relied on since 2005 is still co-dydramol. Remedeine (20/500mg co-dyramol) is the only one that causes no nausea, bad dreams or other unwanted side-effects such as blood pressure changes in me. Originally it was 10/500mg, standard co'dydramol but that had to be increased. A hot shower or water bottle and keeping warm has been my only other real pain relief. I've lived with other pain for years due to autoimmune diseases but like my feet and the advanced osteoarthritis the spinal pain has changed my life. I hope you get support and some relief.

I was actually searching for support for my partner and problems with his diabetes type 1 and your post and the replies caught my eye so forgive my late ramblings.

Take care,x

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philippa1412 in reply to catno1

Thank you so much for replying. Although you don’t wish this horrible thing on anyone it is good not to feel alone. You sound like you have some big challenges as I hope things improve greatly for you over the next months. I still feel amazed that even a hot water bottle or shower isn’t mentioned but glad you are getting some comfort.

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