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life after multiple compression fractures

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due to the above I have lost 2” in height. My top half is now compressing my lower half. This causes a little difficulty in breathing, and lots of stitch like pain in my sides, which I believe is compression on my hips.

I live in UK and, although my doctor has been extremely kind on the phone, I have been unable to sit and get answers from anyone face to face.

I am thinking of getting a private consultation with a spinal consultant with regard to pain plus a support brace/belt.

has anyone else been in this situation and, if so, what happened.

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I have lost 5 inches in height unfortunately but do not seem to have the problems you and others suffer when loss of height occurs. I must be lucky. I have always exercised so perhaps I have strong core muscles? I do find that I can feel bloated if I eat a large meal. I should eat smaller meals, little and often, but I love food!

I have not had multiple fractures but do have scoliosis and believe this has contributed to my loss in height. :(

I'm sorry to hear you are suffering so much with this. Has your GP not referred you to anyone? Who diagnosed the fractures and have you been given an explanation for them? I would imagine an orthopaedic surgeon who specialises in the spine would be the most suitable person to see?

I have had multiple fractures and I have to see a private Rheumatologist because the NHS is impossible to get an appointment (face to face) with one. Basically, there is nothing they can do for that but I recommend you have a private consultation to put your mind at rest.

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Errp82 in reply to DazzleP

Please see my long reply to Portleven girl

Hi Karina, I have exactly the same symptoms as you, which are very frightening for a formally very active person as I’m sure you are finding. I also have lost 2” in height. My GP says he has no idea what I am describing but is sending me for a chest X-Ray to check how far up my stomach extends, for which there is a two month wait, but doesn’t seem to think it’s a big problem. If you have seen your GP I am curious to know what he said. The lumbar and thoracic pain I am just about coping with, but the distended abdomen and recent shortness of breath I am finding very difficult to cope with, how do you cope. Many thanks.

Hi Err82 could you please read my reply to Kaarina, which I meant to send to you!

Hi, I accept that all my problems are down to my osteoporosis and wish that I had agreed to take alendronic acid some 2 years ago! At the time, the possible side effects were very scary. However, after my recent 5 fractures!!!!! I am now on this medicAtion and, so far, no adverse effects.My problem now is that as my top half has dropped, thus losing 2” in height, and it is compressing my chest and lungs. Also it has caused my top to press down on my hips, causing pain like a stitch.

I have been researching the internet to see if there is anything, at all, that I can do and I’m going to contact an orthopaedic specialist to see if I can get a private consultation, hoping I can afford the consultation fee. I’m hoping to ask if there is ANYTHING I can do about the pain and also if he can advise on a special support belt, and where to get fitted for it.

I don’t know if that’s something that you could do?

Good luck

Thanks for your response. I am also looking into the way forward and which consultant I need to see for a proper diagnosis and what help is available, although I suspect there may be none. I will stay in touch if I have anything to report after X-Ray result.

Hi, could you read my post in reply to Kaarina please, I meant to send it to you!

Hi, could you please read my post to Kaarina, I meant to send it to you!

Hi I’ve got seven spinal fractures. I would hope they’ve taken blood tests to see if you have Osteoporosis. If so I hope you would be on some kind of bone meds. As for the pain and breathing unless it’s dire there is nothing much they can do. You can go on pain killers which you may find useful. It does get easier as time goes on but you’ve still got fractures that will give you pain.

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Mavary in reply to Mavary

I’ve lost three inches in height.

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Errp82 in reply to Mavary

Thankyou for your information. Guess I have to be patient and hope that my pain will get easier in time.

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Mavary in reply to Errp82

I had my first fracture in 2013 my second and third in 2018 and another four last year in June. I am more able to do things than I have for a long time. I have got myself a scooter if I want to go round the shops. The first time I went out on it I went all around the shops.,I hadn’t done that for four years. I was really pleased with myself. So you see it takes a long time for the fractures to heal and you will always get some pain. If it becomes unbearable get some help. You may have had another fracture. I hope it heals and you’ll be in less pain. In the meantime plenty of rest with little walks if you can bear it. Walking is good for making the bones stronger but little and often.

Hi, l’m in the U.S. Can so relate to your description of your body and the pain after multiple vertebral fractures. Mine were thoracic (4 to 12). Had vertebroplasty in 2020. No obvious benefit. Have been on Prolia since that time. Recent Dexascan shows improvement but still in osteoporosis range. Everything complicated by having osteoarthritis and PMR( for 4 years) which necessitates prednisone ( that tipped me over into osteoporosis). Gabapentin has helped some for rib pain, but as you said they’re sitting on your pelvis so what can ease that? Doctors don’t think about what happens to your body after these fractures. The alignment of bones, ligaments , muscles, tendons, all pulled downward. Putting on my bra helps some and consciously pulling my shoulders back, but please let us know if you discover a simple brace that works. My best to you 🤗, Ann

Errp82, Dr. Jorge Flechas MD in North Carolina has a youtube video called Boron and Health where he says he lost a half inch in height and an associate told him to take boron which stopped further loss. Check it out. Also search on "Nothing boring about boron" for it's other benefits. It works great with magnesium, calcium and vitamin D. Also research annatto tocotrienol for it's bone benefits. Always consult your health care provider before using any supplement.

I have lost almost 5" in height, stomach and ribs are pushed up, compression on one lung, hips pushing forward, pain every day. I've been put on teriparatide injections with hopes of building my bones to be able to have back surgery with a rod connecting L2 to T9. (By an orthopedic Dr) By the time I'm able to have surgery, the rod will probably be longer than that because I think I've had another fracture. Haven't been told how long I have to wait.

I have had fractures at T12 and L1 and I have lost 3.5” in height. I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis in my spine and Osteopenia in my hips and now take ADCAL. I have refused Alendronic Acid because the potential risks seem to outweigh any benefit in my mind. I do feel that I cannot stand up straight any longer although this is complicated by PHN (post herpetic neuralgia) pain from my navel round to my spine and the whole of the RH rib cage area following shingles in January 2019.

I have at least 6 fractures,list 6” height ,also have squashed innards giving me side pain and bloat you describe.Consult,private,was useless said wouldn’t put cement in as would further collapse spine,have more xrays,no point as just travelling could cause further # s and agony.I find lifting my boobs up,smoothing down my tum as I lean back a bit so a sort of stretch helps a little.Plus just massage muscle spasms sides,ribs- baclofen upsets my guts so only use pre shower so can stand up longer. I am so bent over now,like the traffic sign with the little old lady with walking stick!

Hotbots help too,but it’s a constant pain,literally.

Hope you find something that works for you,let us know,seems a lot have same problem.X

Hello @Errp82, I am so sorry to hear about your pain. I hope you find what I have to say helpful. Firstly I experienced worsening back pain over 6 months during lockdown. GPs didn't want to know so I went to see a private GP about my back pain and abdomen distension. She ordered a CT scan and it was discovered that I have severe osteoporosis and 6 fractures in lumbar region. GP gave me prescription for AA and a telephone (!) consultation with a physio. Then I had to find my own way. So I kept walking everyday and also researched online. I found this amazing American PT Sara Meeks who has perfected a whole alignment routine to help straighten the spine and encourage the muscles and nerves to settle into their new place. She has a lot of videos on Youtube (some with Bob and Brad) - look for The Meeks Method. She also recommends a back brace called the Spinomed. Also on YouTube is Margaret Martin who specialises in exercises for osteoporosis. She has written two books which are very helpful - Exercises for Better Bones and Yoga for Better Bones.

I do hope that you find this info of some use and that you get some relief soon. It all does get better in time as the body adjusts. Ann x

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Errp82 in reply to eannj

Thankyou so much, Ann, for your information. I shall certainly investigate the areas that you have mentioned and see how I get on. Joan

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My first time on here! After 6 months of back problems last year I finally had a bone density Dexa scan in December, which resulted in a very poor score. Xrays showed 7 compression fractures.I've just had my first infusion of alendronic acid but feel frustrated at lack of information given.

I lost 5 inches and my bra now meets my pants!!!

I am pleased to be able to join in the discussions on here

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