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HRT in late 50's


I am investigating about HRT and have been reading lots of good things about helping with osteoporosis. I am thinking about trying HRT as I have post menopausal issues and to help with OP. However my GP insists that after 50, it's of zero use. I have found good studies and even the ROS recommend it too, so why doesn't the GP know? (he even said to me today, I could take Alendronic Acid for 10years)

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I stated taking Tibolone /Livial 1/2 tab daily when I was diagnosed with OP a year ago at the age of 59. I have had no reactions and it's been easy so far. My GP recommended it because I was still within 10 years of menopause. The endocrinologist I visited had recommended Actonel at first but with the suggestion of the GP she agreed Tibolone would be fine. I was not keen to start bisphosphonates any sooner than I had too. Due to Covid I have not had a follow up DEXTA yet. My GB also sent me to to an exercise physiologist to up my weight barring exercises and core strength which has been great for my confidence.

Does not HRT boost your chances of cancer? I'd take osteoporosis over cancer, most of the time.

"Research shows that long-term use of combined HRT (for 5 or more years) increases the risk of breast and ovarian cancer, heart disease, stroke and pulmonary embolism (blood clots in the lungs). The research suggests that the risks of long-term combined HRT use outweigh the benefits for most women."

~wbiC, member bonehealth forum

stockport1965 in reply to wbiC

I think from what I read earlier it's an extra 3 cases in 1000. Bisphosphnates also have their downsides.

Karenjaninaz in reply to wbiC

My experience: I was on HRT for about 8 years- both conventional and “bio-identical”. First problem was a precancerous uterine condition requiring a total hysterectomy. Six years after that- bilateral estrogen dependent breast cancer. My osteoporosis was reversed with the COMB test protocol from Canada. A new protocol from the US is what I am doing now: It’s called: The Melatonin- Micronutrients Study(MOTS) from Duquesne University School of Pharmacy.

It uses Strontium Citrate, K2, D3 and Melatonin. In this study bone marker and other and other substances.

This protocol was used for a year with great results.

I was on HRT for help with menopause. I stopped when there was publicity about cancer. Within a year I started spine fractures. That was 22 years ago and I did not know then that there was a connection

stockport1965 in reply to walk21

What did you take after HRT?

I was not given anything, and didn't know anything about osteoporosis then. For the last 15 years I have taken strontium ranelate, various supplements, and as much exercise as I can manage. I have lost 8 inches, but I keep going

Have you looked at Dr Louise Newson`s website? She gives lots of useful, evidence based advice She`s also on Instagram I think you`ll find her very helpful in making your decision. She suggests that, for most women, the benefits of HRT outweigh the risks

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