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HRT and Seniors

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Hello, I am a 73 year old retired female. I was taking a low dose of Estrogen/Progestrogen until June of this year when my doctor found some cells that caused vaginal bleeding; but they were not cancer related. She took me off HRT. I believe I should be back on it as I am having menopausal symptoms + concerns about bone loss. Has anyone taken HRT at my age?

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Hi aboutme I must admit I've not heard of anyone being a on HRT at your age, my doc took me off HRT when I was 56 when all the bad press was going to on with it, after that was when in my late 50s I had osteopenia, the menopause symptoms will start unfortunately you have ride it out and use natural methods I did know a lady in her 70s who was still on it and developed Breast cancer in the UK it's almost a unheard of to be on HRT over 60 my GP wouldn't hear of it but please do ask for a dexa scan to check your bones I'm guessinh your density will still be good and you can manage your bones with natural method. Good luck x

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Thank you so much for responding to me. I will look into the natural methods you mention.

Please don't let the doctors talk you into taking/using those horrible bone meds. They should all be taken off the market in my humble opinion.

My opinion too. All these bisphonates do is harden old bone and give a false dexa reading but worse can cause spontaneous fractures. The manufacturers of Prolia or denosumab have given out a warning last year that if this drug is left off, it causes rapid bone loss!

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The sudden elimination of any OP maintenance drug will do that unless another maintenance OP med is introduced..

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Maintenance means more vile bisphosphonates unfortunately with a bad outlook. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. Prolia is the worst though, two ladies on the UK osteoporosis fb group had very ignorant GP's/endos who did not know of this horrible outcome, and were told to go on a "Prolia holiday" even after the FDA warning. The result, one had 26 fractures and the other 8. I was fortunate, because although I saw a so called private endo in London who specialised in osteoporosis, when he suggested Prolia for say a couple of years or so, I read up all the side effects plus the fact I have an auto immune disorder and definitely decided against it. I then mentioned it to my rhuematologist 3 months later when the warning came out that very same month January 2017 and he knew all about it. He was a lovely young man and despite my really bad and I mean really bad t scores which have deteriorated even further by 12% in the five years, he was still anxious for me to try bisphosphonates, not the oral ones because of my digestion but the fusions and climbed down to even offering it say once a month, but I politely declined. It is quite scary to think that so many do not in the UK, even the so called NHS Oxford Bone clinic. Makes me wonder if these people had mothers and wives of their own if they would be quite so anxious to promote this stuff and make sure they checked all the pages of warnings etc.

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I didn't mean to insult you or anger you.

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Of course you didnt. I wish you well xx

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Good. :)

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Oh, Elaine2447, hello again.

I am in the US. There are alternatives to bishosphonates. Went back to the research I had before my rheumatologist ended Forteo which increased my bone density by 12%, then immediately when that two year limit of Forteo came, he administered an infusion of Reclast , hoping not only to maintain the good of Forteo but to have a further 4% bone density as reported by the American Bone based on testing between the participants on Reclast v participants taking Tylenol who averaged a 2% increase in bone density.

Neither Forteo nor Reclast is a bishosphonate.

Have been reading about underlying causes that kick start osteonecrosis if Prolia or other bisphosphonate is taken for OP. The American Bone found articles where underlying causes, such as predental conditions not detected, etc.

Antacids with aluminum also can harm the skeleton, and Reclast is an antiresorptive agent. On the study of osteonecrosis developing, over 90 percent was due to underlying cancer, not Reclast. (Ironically, Reclast infusions are used to lower the high blood calcium common with cancer patient receiving chemotherapy)

I agree with everyone that I wish osteoporosis did not exist and meds with 100% effectiveness with NO POSSIBLE serious side effects, but that's not our world.

I wish I didn't have scoliosis, but we didn't know years ago that it starts in the preteen and early teen years and it's not reversible. Parents here I know do not permit their children that age to participate in sports for several years ........the development of strong muscles at that age is a strain on the backbone and can pull it out of its natural alignment lasting for life. Hence, scoliosis is diagnosed when a woman has her first mammogram.

Thank all of you for being here and raising the concerns (and successes sometimes).

My service dog is maturing well, so I'll be able to walk more, and my special made Catrike ("Atomic Orange" color) has finally arrived. (It's a recumbend tadpole trike with the two wheels in front, one behind.) There is a special modification that permits my high energy dog to run and power the trike.....I don't pedal when he wants to do that to spend some of his energy for several miles.

Then I drop him off at home and I ride. I feel so light and good as if I am a bird, not a limping, slow walking "old woman".

This high geared trike is a 5.5.9 racer model that wants to run and for an hour at end of day I just allow myself to sit in that trike and pedal occassionally, and not think about all our worries. When it is my time to pass to the other side, I hope it feels like this. :)

Hi aboutme I only joined this forum in April when my osteoporosis was diagnosed I find it very helpful, someone can usually point you in the right direction, I did ask a while back for HRT but doc said no osteoporosis is manageable, do ask for a dexa scan even if you have to pay, I take calcium tablets and vitamin D but I am also on Alendronic Acid I really didn't want to go on it BUT I have fallen a couple of times and thankfully didn't break anything,tho my calcium was very low soo I am now on meds!! All the best x

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Pamk1949 in reply to lolly64

I’m 68 and live in the US. I have been taking estrogen (estradiol) for a very long time. But, it’s a topical gel, absorbed through the skin, so my GYN says that is better than oral, also take progesterone 100 mg. I believe I need to do to use this because I have been taking high doses past year of prednisone, and worried about bone loss. Rheumatologists say HRT doesn’t help that much with osteo, but I have heard otherwise.

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lolly64 in reply to Pamk1949

Hi Pamk1949 I had hysterectomy at 39 so I was on since then but only the oestrogen due to the hysterectomy, well all I know is my bones were good on HRT and the OP nurses said while your on that your bones are protected, I hate AA but there isn't any other choice here really, I don't want injection as if you get side effects your stuck then our GPs try to give us the cheapest meds so maybe HRT along with the risks is the reason they won't prescribe it in between the devil and the deep blue sea for us here I'm afraid maybe the gel lessens the bone protection but the tablets definitely protect the bones old age what a pain if you'll pardon the pun x😊

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lawdog in reply to lolly64

Have you mentioned Forsteo and requested a rheumatologist? I'm in the US and am older than many on this GB venue, never needed or given any meds for menopausal reasons....didn't even know I had gone through it until blood work revealed it. If you have had your first OP break, Forsteo made be a good choice for you......past menopause and first breaks.

It works differently than any other meds for osteoporosis in the world....does it well and I had no effects. But must catch it early as if can prevent breaks but will not heal breaks. 12% increase in bone density WHERE I needed it. Now on annual generic Reclast infusion. Again no side affects. And should you get a vertebral break, that can be permanently medically cemented not to collapse. GPs and nurses are not the experts in this area.

I know the gov, health plan pays for your meds, but it's very difficult receiving the med you about Forteo.....then hound the doctors for a rheumatologist to treat you and get that med. Can only take Forsteo once in your life for about a two year period at this time. Best wishes in what ever way you decide.

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Well, I trust the rheumotologists......mine is a teaching professor of Rheumotology at the large medical school at the university near me. So I know he isn't trying to build a practice. He is paid by the university.

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The American Bone site basically says no one seems to certain if it helps or not. For you, I vote it does. (Dumb ass male doctors.)

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Chippy10 in reply to Pamk1949

Hi , I am in the UK and was wondering about the Progesterone you take i,.e. tablet,patch and what dose estrogen are you taking. Was curious about the ratio between the two. Thanks and hope you are well.

Yes...aboutme123: I am a 70-year-old woman and my doctor put me on a combo HRT, too. Due to horrible menopausal symptoms and to build my bones back, as I have osteoporosis. I have been on it for 5 months now...I feel so much better! I'm sorry your doctor took you off of it. I think they're still overreacting because of that skewed WHO study back in the day. I have a friend who lives in Wyoming..she's still on HRT and she just turned 70 today. I guess all you can do is beg your doctor to allow you to take it...I had to ask many times...I think he finally just wanted me off his back and gave me a prescription. Ridiculous that we have to behave that way, but whatever works in my opinion!

Thanks so much for responding to me. I plan to push like crazy until I get back on it and feel like myself again!!!

As Kathy Bates said in the movie "Fried Green Tomatoes:" TOWANDA!!!!!! You go, girl!!! HA!


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I started HRT because of the risk of Osteoporosis. Took it for 3 years. I had the most awful period pains and very heavy bleeding so I stopped it, then found out I had Breast cancer. After treatment I was diagnosed with Osteoporosis because of cancer treatment. My bones were fine before then. So if I'd not taken HRT I wouldn't have had cancer, and because of not needimg cancer treatment, I woldn't now have Osteoporosis.

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Kaarina in reply to Hidden

Oh, wow, poemsgalore. I am so sorry. That is a bitter pill to swallow. We do whatever we feel is best for us at the time. It is the difference between what we personally know now, and what we or the medics knew then.

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Please, do not beat yourself up. You are one remarkable woman. You are a survivor.

The cancer may have been there and kick started everything, not the other way around. You probably had to take Reclast if you received counteracts the high blood calcium. When I was in the infusion center a few months ago, I listened and several women discussed how their doctors really didn't know if the cancer had been hiding and then menopause hit, they were given some hormones it ease them through that, I think one said. and the cancer was found. I was there receiving Reclast for OP; they were there infusing Reclast because of their high blood calcium.

Due to family history of my mother and my grandmother, I just assumed one day I would be my mother and have osteoporosis. And here I am....but she had NO help from the family doctor. People didn't talk about it. I'm in much better shape than she ever was. I was happy she couldn't see her back, so she didn't see how the vertebrea had collapsed and disfigured her. Had to make certain any clothing we bought was longer in the back to cover her, and shortened othes in the front sometimes 4-6 inches to make it even with the back. I wish you well. xx

I'm even older than you, and I'd go back on it if I could. Looking at patches and gels, as they're less harmful, but getting them online is always risky.

Yes..I'm 70 and I take HRT. My doctor finally put me on it as I wouldn't take those horrible bone meds. and have osteoporosis. Plus bad hot flashes/night sweats, fatigue, etc. I've been on HRT for 5...going on 6 months now..I feel so much better. Maybe doctors are easing up on their rigid points of view abut prescribing now..I can only hope! Ridiculous thaat women have to suffer with menopause symptoms for years with no relief.

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Dogsandme in reply to sweetsusie

Hi sweetsusie. I note that you put that post on a year ago and so it must be 1 and a half years that you have been taking HRT. How are you feeling now? Has it improved your osteoporosis in any way, or don't you know yet?

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sweetsusie in reply to Dogsandme

Well..I guess it hasn't done much for my memory, huh?? HAHA!! I feel better because I don't have hot flashes and night sweat anymore...and I have a little more energy. Don't know if it has improved my osteoporosis...haven't had another DEXA scan yet..and I may not do another one....

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Dogsandme in reply to sweetsusie

Why not? It might tell you it is working!

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sweetsusie in reply to Dogsandme

You're right...I need to get that together!!

I knew someone who was in her 80’s and had been in it for years.

My stepmother took something, premarin? into old age. Eventually some time in her 80s she developed a cancer in her breast, but it wasn't aggressive and no problems after it was removed. At that time she was taken off the medication and suffered menopausal symptoms. Obviously it had been helpful to her since hysterectomy in her forties. She died at 92 of unrelated cause.

Hi aboutme123. Were you taking HRT for osteoporosis? I am 71 and have just been diagnosed with osteoporosis and am thinking of refusing the Alendronic acid prescribed and asking for HRT. I also would be interested if anyone over 70 is taking it.

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sweetsusie in reply to Dogsandme

Please don't let the doctors talk you into any of these horrible bone meds...there are way too many side effects...I wouldn't touch them with a 10-foot pole...they should all be taken off the market....

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