Very painful feet - Osteoperosis - Micro Fractures

Hello, I am very new here. I have very very painful feet, and it is not just one area but the whole bottom on each of my feet that hurt. I am 45 and have been diagnosed with Osteoperosis but have not been given any treatment yet. 2 years ago I fell over and fractured both my wrists and my right elbow (Radial Head Fracture). I won't go into why I have Osteoperosis but want to know if anyone on here has had 'Micro Fractures' or 'Stress Fractures' in their feet due to Osteoperosis ? I had x-rays yesterday but I gather that micro fractures don't show up very well on x-ray. I am interested in how others have been diagnosed with micro fractures. I also get intense pain in my shins from time to time when I walk. My GP thinks this may also be micro fractures but an x-ray was normal.

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  • I wonder if you'd be well advised to phone the NOS Helpline and discuss your history with them so that they can advise you on a useful course of action and what, if anything, you might request from your GP. NOS also has some helpful documents about various strategies and activities and these are available for free download on the website.

    Micro fractures don't always show up well on X-rays - but apparently they're not reliably obvious with MRIs or bone scans, depending on their size.

    ETA: Helpline National Osteoporosis Society 0808 800 0035

  • I will give them a call tomorrow. Thank you.

  • I would suggest you get good walking shoes such as Asic Gel contend not very expensive ones mind. I did have fractures in my thoracic spine. I have been put on Fosavance. My Rheumatologist doesnt believe in Fosavance for longer than two years. He suggested a yogurt a day, proper shoes for walking and throw out my old favourites. I also use fortified milk in my tea or coffee

  • Alas, I have already seen a poditrist and she fitted my shoes with insoles. I have been under a poditrist before, so always wear sensible shoes but it is a good suggestion. I fear that this is indeed micro fractures but don't have an option but to walk on my feet. Seeing my endocronologist this week, so maybe offered some treatment at last. If not, then I think I will seek a second opinion from another endo.

  • Hi,

    I have got the same problem with my feet. I have oesteoporosis . Going to see GP tomorrow .

  • Hi Are you positive that you do not have plantar fasciitis? The symptoms sound very much like that, rather than any micro fractures. Also the shin pain cod be coming from walking oddly because of the pain in the bottom of your feet. You really need to see a specialist in feet and gait. Not just a bogstandard chirpodist.

  • Sorry just read that you've seen a podiatrist, but there again so did I. The insoles she made for me crippled me. I had to see a foot and insole specialist and have treatments from a good Physio and do many exercises to relieve the pain and strengthen the plantar. It's a long job. I have no faith in so called NHS specialists. Had to go private to get my mobility back.

  • I saw my GP last week, we don't think it involves plantar fasciitis, as I have had that in the past and it really only effected my heel. This is more general pain in my whole foot. My GP suspects it is my old friend (not) osteoarthritis, but at 46 I do wonder about this diagnosis. I appear to have worn out almost all my joints. The wait continues for my x-rays to be reported on, but aparently they take a while to do when osteoporosis is suspected.

  • I hope that by now you have had your x-ray results and that some kind of treatment/help has been suggested to you.

  • Many thanks - it now looks like Synovitus caused by Gouty Arthritis. Back to a Rheumatologist.

  • At very least you have a diagnosis and can take it from there. I wish you well.

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