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Zoledronic Acid infusion

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Thursday morning I had my first Zoledronic Acid infusion and not liking the side affects one bit. I feel aweful flue without the runny nose & sore throat - not nice

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Sorry to hear you had problems. In case anyone is thinking about having this, I didn't have any side effects; it's early days yet, but my consultant seems happy with results!

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Babyr1996 in reply to veriterc

Thank you and I’m so pleased you’ve not had to go through these side affects tbh you really don’t want them. It’s taking one day at a time x

Thank you for replying much appreciated it’s always nice to hear of positive outcomes too!!

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Lilact in reply to veriterc

How are side effects now ? I am considering zol have you had any side effects

I had 2 infusions the fluy symptoms go away in a few days bad news is my kidneys deteriated so l couldn't have the 3rd good news my bones improved so it's the lesser of the two evils we can't win 😰 good luck

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Babyr1996 in reply to sun_flower

Hi thank you sorry to hear about your kidneys and yes it’s lesser of the two evils. I can only wait & see how goes. Whilst I was having infusion my blood pressure dropped very low it had to be stopped after 5 mins until my BP was in a safe range then they continued. I feel quite poorly at the moment. I’m not sure if to continue with the next 2 but will discuss with medics at a later date it all depends on my BP I suppose as I have low BP anyway and this dropped it dangerously low I see cardiologist next week so will chat with him about this too.

Thank you for taking the time to reply much appreciated

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sweetsusie in reply to Babyr1996

Do not do this!

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sun_flower in reply to Babyr1996

Good luck it's a difficult decision x

I wouldn't touch any of these awful bone meds with a 10-foot pole..too much research about how they can ruin your life...research this before doing another injection, please!

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Babyr1996 in reply to sweetsusie

I’m seriously considering not having the further 2 infusions over the next 2 years! I do not like how I am! Thank you xx

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sweetsusie in reply to Babyr1996

You're welcome! You'll get much good information on this site...other ways to help your bones..my doctor allows me to take HRT (hormone replacement therapy - low dose) and I'm 71 years old and have been diagnosed with osteoporosis....those dexa scans/machines are comparing you to a person who is 30 years old...who in the world, when reaching 50-80 years old, has 30-year-old bones?? I think osteoporosis is a scam...made up by the pharmaceutical companies who want people to believe that they "need" these awful meds!

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Babyr1996 in reply to sweetsusie

This is why I joined this forum!! Thank you I’m 57 and can’t have Hrt I had them from the age of 36 to 42 after a hysterectomy. I have other reasons I can’t take it now due to other risks

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sweetsusie in reply to Babyr1996

Total "get it", Babyr1996....

Absolutely agree that these drugs do more harm than good. I’ve been told I’m borderline for osteoporosis and hospital and gp urging me to go on them I’ve said no way saw my mum on these she was never well ! I think anyone recommended to take these drugs should really do some research beforehand. As sweetsusie says we aren’t 30 and won’t have the healthy bones of a 30 year old ! I take d3, calcium and magnesium to name but a few and have just joined the gym for program of weight bearing excercises and walk every day, also do balance and flexibility excercises at home. Good luck Babyr1996 hope your feeling better very soon x

Awe thank you I’m slowly improving I think ide rather have proper full on flu!! I’m just tired out can’t do much I ache all over! I did read all about it but have yo way up the cost of a few weeks unwell as opposed to being permanently in a wheelchair cos I have it so bad at the age of only 57. If it helps my bones then I suppose it’s lesser of the 2 evils! I’m not overweight my bmi is normal I just spent the last 4 years doing slimming world & have list 5 stone (that’s how overweight I was) I needed to do something to help myself - I do weight bearing exercises balance etc like you intake vit d etc so doing everything I can to help myself I’m a firm believer in that one!!

I think you for your comments I really appreciate them xx

Really hope things improve for you sounds like your doing everything you can to help yourself. Hope things turn round soon with the nasty side effects.

Best wishes xx

I think you have to look at your own situation and while other people may poo poo the treatment, they don't have the same condition or history as you. Everyone has an individual situation, whether it be early onset, not able to take other options, no HRT, early menopause, whatever reason. I think people are too quick to pass judgement on treatment therapy. I hope your symptoms passed, and like childbirth its a pain that uncomfortable but you get over it and if it has a long term positive response to your bones, why wouldnt you. Sorry just saying.

I think it is a question of choosing a good consultant in whom you have confidence. Some time ago I discovered that if you are treated in the UK, you DON'T have to stay with the consultant you are alloted. I did a lot of research (see my blog aftercancers.com) and have landed up with a marvellous professor on an exchange research project. I now have had two infusions of Zolendronic Acid, and so far- touch wood - no side effects. And my bloods give my prof. a satisfied smile.

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