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Zoledronic acid infusion

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I'm having my first zoledronic acid infusion next Friday and I have no idea what to expect. For instance where does it usually go in and how long does it take? Anything else it would be useful to know? Thanks in advance


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Hello, I'm due to have my 3rd and possibly final infusion of Zoledronic Acid in December. It is given as an infusion (via a canulla) and takes about 1hour to 1 and a half hours. My advice is to drink plenty of water whilst you are having the treatment.


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Thank you. That was helpful. The doctor had said how long it would take but I couldn't remember

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Hi , Can I ask has your bone density increased over the last 3 years and if so by how much?

What treatment are they going to put you on after your 3rd injection?

Have you suffered any side effects or hair loss or thinning of the hair?

Sorry for all the questions I hope you dont mind my asking them.

I haven't had a DEXA since but my original one indicated I was Osteopenic. But I had 4 spinal fractures so was declared Osteoporotic! No hair loss or thinning of hair even though also on MTX for RA. I've been wondering myself about what might happen next,

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I've had my second Thursday week ago, was very uncomfortable the 2nd day after but symptoms have healed and normal paracetamol or ibuprofen will help with it. There is a reason you have been recommended for this treatment as its not given lightly, so way up the small side affects against the long term benefits. After the third year you will have a repeat Dexa scan then they will know whether you need any further treatment. I couldn't take any other treatment options and am still pre-menopausal so all the odds were against me and I had to fight to get this, but believe that it is worth it for long term stronger bones. xoxo Good luck with it, and if it anything like my clinic i had a jug of water i had to drink during the treatment. xx

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Thank you for your answers. I know there are risks with the treatment but I saw how my mum suffered from untreated osteoporosis when bones in her spine crumbled when she was in her 80s. I don't want the same to happen to me if possible. I have a reasonably healthy high calcium diet but can't do much exercise because of other health problems. I believe the benefits outweigh the risks.

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Yes I feel the same way. You have to balance the risks with the benefits. Waiting an appointment for my third infusion.

The infusion is quite straigjtforward. My husband came with me, the staff were chatty, but you could take a book with you to read. Yes to drink plenty. I did feel a bit fluey for a couple of days afterwards but otherwise no side effects and those soon disappeared. I'm sure it will go well and all the best to you.

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Thank you

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