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Hi Lilact

I too have a diagnosis for osteoporosis in my spine (-2.7). I consider my self fit but I have broken my fibula and 3 bones in my foot in the last 18 months! So I am taking the prescription for AA and everything else that I can throw at this 'silent' disease - calcium, Vitamin D and K2. I am eating a good diet and exercising through walking and using some weights. I have had no side effects from AA in the last 10 months but I notice that they come in different sizes so I always ask my pharmacist to supply the small ones- easier to swallow!

I know it all feels scary at first and there are a lot of unknowns. Keep reading all you can and talk to others as it will help you make your decision. Good luck!

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Hi Dorsetlass

I have same spine result as you but I haven't had any fractures. Don't think result is too bad but everyone is so vague when you ask them ! I took AA for a few months and had no problems. But after a long talk with my doctor I've decided to stop for now. I'm Hoping changing my diet and increase in excercise but if not I will restart the tablets


If you ask consultant /gpthey will get print out of exact reading


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