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Which weighted vest to buy

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Hi all,

I know particular weighted vests have been recommended on here before, but I'm afraid I can't find those posts now...😕.

I was diagnosed with osteoporosis nearly 5 years ago and am hoping to be allowed to come off AA soon... I walk every day to help my bone density, and the last scan showed it had improved in my hips but not my spine. I do try to do weight bearing upper body exercises, but always suffer for this the next day (back pain). Thankfully I have never broken a bone, but am always nervous about doing this.

It sounds like a walking vest that I can gradually add small weights to might be just the thing for me to help strengthen my back and core, so I was wondering if there is a particular one anyone can recommend that is available in the U.K.

Thank you!

19 Replies
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Hi Janey

On using the Search Button on the forum it would appear that only Heron has mentioned a weighted vest but it is probably not available in the UK. This is the link: hyperwear.com/blog/weighted...

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HeronNS in reply to Kaarina

It isn't available in Canada, either. I ordered direct from Texas and it was shipped to me, no problems.

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I have just been looking for a weighted vest for my mum n managed to find one on Amazon for £32.99. I found a vest that starts at 0 weight and you add small sandbag weights of 0.5kg as you build up strength. A problem with a lot of weighted vests is that they start at 5kg as they are made for weight training fit people not for people with osteoporosis.

I put weighted vest 0.5kg in the search on Amazon and it's the envico up to 10kg one that starts off at low enough weight. This was the only one I found other than paying loads of money for one from America.


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HeronNS in reply to Joanne1972

The hypervest is expensive, but I believe it is worth every penny. Plus it's helping me stay and get strong, way cheaper in the long run than medications! It should last me the rest of my life.

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rebeccaabbot33 in reply to Joanne1972

Hi Jo,

Is it this one, which is currently on Amazon?

"Evinco Adjustable Weighted Vest - Up to 10kg

by Muscle Finesse -

3.3 out of 5 stars -

4 customer reviews.

Available from these sellers.

1 new from £39.99

Improves Strength and Endurance;

Weighted Vest Made of Nylon;

Approximate Vest Weight: 10kg (22 lbs);

Includes 20 Single Weights at 0.5kg Each"

One of the reviewers says: "Please don't buy this. This is not exactly the product which has been described in the product description. There is a chance of did-balancing and chances of falling down".

Really value your comments.



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Joanne1972 in reply to rebeccaabbot33

Yes that sounds like the one. Mum didn't end up getting it in the end. She's self referred to physiotherapy first.

Just had a dexa scan myself to see if I'm likely to develop osteoporosis.

Think if my results aren't good I'll get one as my spine a bit more stable than my mums.

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rebeccaabbot33 in reply to Joanne1972

Gosh, and thanks. Let us know how you get on with your scan. Hoping the best for you. Rebecca

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My only experience is of having long term back pain and op, but I would be wary of exercise which caused back pain. Can you get some advice on your exercise routine and technique? The op helpline is an excellent place to start.

I have been advised to obtain a weighted jacket, but have been told that with a spine score if -4 I should start wearing the jacket alone with no weights and then add the weights v gradually, currently I use a small handbag -size backpack until I start wearing the jacket. Good luck in finding something suitable.

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Thanks so much for your replies everyone! Will let you know how I get on.

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The Hypervest is one which increases the weights through small ingots weighing about 2 ounces each. Ideal for people with back problems of any kind. Half a kilo, or even half a pound, is much too big an increase.

Note that they've come out with a more fashionable one for women, and I don't know if it also has the tiny weights, so read the fine print.

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Janey453 in reply to HeronNS

Thanks for the advice Heron - it's much appreciated 🙂

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Marziano in reply to HeronNS

HeronNS, could you tell me how long you have had the hypervest? Regarding the weights in the chest area, could they feel uncomfortable for a woman? I really like the look of this vest and I am trying to decide between this and another one without weights on the chest area.

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HeronNS in reply to Marziano

No doubt this depends on your body build. As I said, this vest is very comfortable for me, I have had no issues with it; yes, I am female, although not as buxom as I was before losing about 20 pounds! This particular vest has the advantage of the very small weights so the weight can be increased by as little as two ounces at a time. You can also decide where to place the weights. If you want to keep them all below the bustline I think you quite easily could by not putting weights in the top row or two at the front. There aren't many pockets in those particular rows anyway.

I've had the vest for a little over two years. I found an article which may address your concerns.


I do note that in the review of hypervest it says the weights are two pounds each. This is incorrect. They are approximately two ounces. Supposedly one can fit two into each pocket and carry up to 20 pounds in the vest, but I doubt I'll ever get that far!

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HeronNS in reply to Marziano


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Marziano in reply to HeronNS

Thank you so much. Your answer is really helpful. I have placed my order and I am looking forward to receiving my order (hopefully) on Monday. I hope the vest will give me similar results to yours :)

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Janey453 in reply to Marziano

How are you getting on with the vest please?

Hi so my friend in the UK got a vest made by nykweightvest.com the vest is from usa but actually is made in the UK so they have many customers there and it is really great for strengthening your bones and muscles in the entire body as you just walk about so its very easy to use and no boring exercises

dont bother with gym just go for a stroll

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fletch1430 in reply to

Did you friend buy it in the UK? Want to get one but to ship a weighted vest overseas is a fortune so hoping I can get one over here!

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HeronNS in reply to fletch1430

Most things are now available globally through that company I try to avoid, amazon, including, so I'm told, the kind of vest I bought, by Hypervest.

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