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Back to work - bit nervous!

Hi all,

Posting on here again as I get a lot of support from your replies. I'm going back to work tomorrow for the first time after my wrist fracture (in April). I'm a cook in a restaurant so will be on my feet all day. I've been reading about spontaneous spinal fractures today and feeling rather worried and scared. (My spine is -2.7). I'm going to be on my feet all day. Any advice?? I really want to go back but feeling so worried. Just wish I could put all this at the back of my mind and carry on enjoying my life as I used to. X

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Your spine measurement is just barely into the level called osteoporosis (the line is -2.5). You should be careful not to bend forward, instead bend your knees. To avoid stressing your knees, make as though you are about to sit down. If you have a chance to consult with a physiotherapist you can probably get other hints on how to protect your spine. At the workshop I went to last year, along with the motion I suggested above we were also told to place things like grocery bags on a chair so we neither had to bend nor stretch in order to unpack the groceries. That sort of thing. A physiotherapist will also be able to prescribe safe exercises which will strengthen the muscles which support your spine.

In the meantime, can you have your work load reduced or modified in some way during the next few weeks while you rebuild your strength?


Hi, yes I have a lovely colleague who will help me out with the workload. As for the physio - that's a good idea. I'll make an appointment to see one, I guess they'd be able to tell me about exercise too?? my doctor really hasn't given me much advice at all. This site and Facebook sites have been great, and nice to get support from others in the same boat. Trouble is I do tend to read a lot and then get scared of the future!

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Hi Debbie,

I think it is great that you are going back to work. You will also not have so much time to think about osteoporosis. ;) Actually I have read that being on your feet all day is good for OP. Much better than too much sitting or lying down. I am sure your colleagues will look after you and you will feel really chuffed, at the end of your first day back, although you may well be tired. Do let us know how it goes for you. You shall soon be enjoying life as you once did. :)


I don't know if your restaurant has Human Resouces support, but if it does then they should offer advice in making sure that your workstation is set up to ensure you can work safely. If not then you can think through what you may need to change with your colleagues - eliminating trip and slip hazards, agreeing who will deal with heavy lifting, having what you need within easy each to avoid stretching etc. The physio can probably talk you through what you need to avoid and most things will probably be obvious when you look into it. If you can make a plan you should feel more in control and enjoy going back to work. Hope all goes well.


Hi Debbie,

How did you get on, back at work? I hope all went well and you were able to take it relatively easy and pace yourself, especially on your first day back. :)


Hi Kaarina,

I got on ok thank you. It was quite quiet which was good. Had backache at the end of the day but that's nothing unusual for me. You seem like a really nice level headed lady from the posts that you write and I feel I can ask for your advice. How long have you had op? Did it take long for you to come to terms with it? I know there are much worse things but I just wish it wasn't taking over my life so much. I just want to go back to being "me". Mind you, I've had a stressful few weeks, my best friend of 30 years died suddenly and without any warning a few weeks ago. What with that and the Op I think it's all got to me a bit. X


Hi Debbie,

Thank you for the compliment. ;) That made my day. :) You come across as a lovely person.

I was dx with OP in 2012. I had a DEXA in 1999 and 2004 and both were OK so changes happened after 2004.....

I had the DEXA in 2012 as I had lost height but had not really noticed it. It was when I went for an OP in 2008 and the nurse asked how tall I was at the Pre Op assessment and I replied 5' 8" and she laughed and said, you are never that - come with me. I was measured and I was 5'4". Shock horror! I am now about 5'2 and a bit. That "bit" is most important to me! ;) The scan showed that I had compression at L2 but no other fracture history. It did not take me much time to get over the dx of OP. I have not had a wrist fracture like you though. I have had quite a few operations in my time due to osteoarthritis but not due to OP.

I am sorry to hear about your dearest friend dying suddenly. If that had happened to me with my dear friend whom I have known since the age of 7, I would be feeling devastated too.

I think you are doing great to have gone back to work.

Your T score spine of -2.7 is not so bad as I understand it. Below -2.5 is defined as osteoporosis and they have to draw the line somewhere......

Sending over gentle hugs to you. {{{hugs}}}


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