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Unhealed fractures

Hya I'm female 50 year old I had an accident at work 18 months ago fractured my 6th 7th 8th and 9th rib in my back been in extreme pain ever since lost my job because of it have been attending doctors and just had results from a ct scan which says I have a smashed vertebrae and fractured ribs are Still healing I have been treated very unfairly by ex employer and to add to it my ESA was stopped 3 weeks ago because I hadn't sent back a health questionnaire from November last year I have had a new questionnaire form and sent it in with evidence of injuries was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do now thanks Angela

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Hi Angie, sorry to read of all your painful issues. With regard to losing your job was it on the cards even without your fractured ribs, if not it may be worth contacting NOS/Citizens Advice/ACAS as if you've lost your job due to your fractures that may be seen as discrimination against you, not able to offer any advice regarding your ESA but i wish you luck getting everything resolved xxxxx

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You don't say what you were doing when you had these fractures. If it was work related, maybe you could put in a complaint and get compensation. Were you in a union? They would be able to advise you. "Benefits and Work" website will be able to advise on ESA and other issues. And they have a forum. Good luck on your journey of getting some help.


I think you are right.


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