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Back brace

My mother aged 75 has severe osteoporosis (-4.5), she ha scoliosis too, lost a lot of height she is not taking drugs at the moment we are waiting for a therapy. She has pain but most of all she doesn't feel to go out alone and her stomach is compressed, smashed. Do you think a back brace could help? Orthopedic said it isn't raccomended becouse otherwise muscles won't work the endocrinologist said instead it could help. Your experiences?

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Hi MEle

I am sorry to hear about your mum. I have scoliosis too and have lost at least 5 inches in height. I have not worn a back brace ever but have heard it is not a good idea to wear it too much because of the reasons you have been given. Perhaps if not used too ofoten it may be helpful. Has your mum just been diagnosed? Did she fracture to get the diagnosis?

You could give the NOS helpline a call if you are in the UK. The nurses are very helpful so I have heard.

Tel: 0808 800 0035 - It's now free from all UK Landlines, Mobiles and Call boxes. Open weekdays only.

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Thank you. Yes she had several fractures. She is trying to. Have a little walk every time it' possible. We live in Italy, fortunately in a nice town by the sea and nice weather. But it is all very sad and very worrying don't know how it will get


I would have thought it good for her to try to move around a little when possible. Let's hope that your mum is seen again soon by a medic and some sort of plan is put into place for her to follow. I understand how you are feeling too, it is worrying to see one's mum struggling.


Does your mum take a supplement like Adcal D3, or something similar? I'm surprised her doctor hasn't prescribed it.


Yes she does


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