Osteoporosis in those over 85 years old

I am 88 years old. I have had a fracture of my left upper arm and some crush fractures of the thoracic vertebrae. the loss of height must be about 8 inches now but I have little pain.

I take Alendroic Acid weekly, and a pint of milk is taken for breakfast and an emphasis on vegetables at the main miles. I am starting Vit D weekly until the sun returns.

My problem is when to stop the Alendroic Acid,

Sincerely Alan Smith

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  • There is some research showing that the osteoporosis drugs are actually even less effective in those over 80 than they are for younger seniors. I'd check into that in case it's a good idea to stop the AA sooner rather than later.



  • I had planned to stop the AA in May because I think that is 3years since I started .My father had severe osteoporosis which I thought might be a reason to take the AA for a reasonable period. Perhaps the lack of Fluoride in Loch Katrine is to blame!

    Alan Smith

  • Interesting. I didn't know fluoride had an effect on our bones. No lack of it where I live - it's in our drinking water and all our toothpastes! From my reading I've been getting the impression that the micronutrients like Vitamin D3 and K2, and some of the elements like magnesium, are just as important as calcium for keeping our bones healthy.

  • I believe there is a connection too with B12 deficiency which I have. I have injections for that.

  • my remark about fluoride was just a thought.

    Since I maybe regarded as a high risk case because of at least two thoracic vertebrae crush fractures sustained years ago as well as a later fracture of the surgical neck of my left humerus-I have been advised to continue AA when I phoned the help line.

  • Are you planning to change to something else? Or maybe that is your plan. I am 82 or thereabouts and at present I have denosumab (prolia). Not broken anything lately, but I am am not exactly holding my breath! And if you think lack of fluoride is a problem no doubt there are suitable supplements available.

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