Recently diagnosed - help!

I am recovering from a fractured hip after a fall in April and have discovered after a DEXA scan that I have Osteoporosis. I am 60 years old and very active - walking/gym and this is all quite a shock.

I couldn't take all the info in at the bone clinic when told, so blindly went along with daily 1000mg calcium and weekly Alendronic Acid tablet - which I have had no problem with so far, but it seems the benefits are minimal.

My DXA T score is -4.3 lumbar and -2.5 hip, and it seems this is not good! I am really concerned and confused as there is so much information out there it is difficult to see a way through.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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  • I guess they didn't tell you that Calcium Carbonate will line your arteries with Calcified Plaque?

  • Hello, not sure why your username has "gone". Hopefully you will sign in again. ....

    I am sorry to hear about your fall and hip fracture. It does come as a bit of a shock when one feels one is doing all the right things and enjoying being active to then get an OP diagnosis. Have you any idea why? Hereditary, taking steroids for a long time or some other drugs that do not do much for bone quality ,small boned, anorexia at some point in your life?

    If you discuss with your doctor and see that you get enough calcium in your diet daily you can just be prescribed a Vitamin D tablet to take daily. This is what I do anyway. You can ask your doctor for a Vit D test to see what your level is, if this has not already been done.

    It is good that you are getting no side effects from the AA. You will not know if the benefits are minimal until you have another DEXA in a couple of years time. It is of course up to you whether you wish to proceed with an OP drug or not.

    I take magnesium, boron and K2 tablets daily which I purchase myself. I exercise as much as I can daily too.

  • Hi Kaarina,

    May I ask which brand and dose of boron, magnesium and K2 you're using?

  • Hi Londinium

    You may ask. ;)

    Nutri Advanced Magnesium Glycinate, two tablets contain 200mg?

    LifeExtensions Super K Advanced K2 Complex, , Vitamin K activity 2700mcg? Is that what you wished to know?

    Swanson Boron which is 3mg. I could not get the Boron I always ordered from them before which was 6mg.

    Hope all that makes sense to you as it does not mean much to me......

  • Thanks. 🖖🏻

    I also use the LEF Super K. I'm about to finish LEF Magnesium and want to find a Magnesium Glycinate &/or Malate. I was using LEF Boron (3mg Boron) but I'm after something stronger, so will probably move on to Swanson Ultra Vitamin D & Boron Complex (6mg Boron).

  • I do eat an avocado a day and that contains boron so I am given to understand. :)

  • Do you get the supplements from amazon, or elsewhere?

  • Usually from Amazon or sometimes I may check out Amazon and also the individual supplier ( ie Swanson) and see if there is much difference in price.

  • I also sometimes check Ebay for comparison.

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