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Hello everyone, I received a link to ABetterBeyond50 summit a couple of days ago, and so I registered in order to listen to Dr Susan Brown who is an advocate of taking the natural way to strengthen bones. I'm quite familiar with her protocol, nevertheless her presentation inspired me even more to help my bones without resorting to bisphosphonates! Here's the link:, and I hope you find it interesting.

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  • Sorry! The link above is for the summit itself, and it probably no longer features Susan Brown because she has already presented. However, here is the Susan Brown link:

  • Just listened to this program (while I did my exercises). Nice to hear everything laid out so well. Thank you for posting. Btw as of this evening the link I posted works.

  • Well done you! I'm really glad you enjoyed listening, I quite agree regarding the layout, and you're very welcome. Also interesting to read the link you posted, and great to hear of someone gaining positive results naturally.

    I don't know if you are aware of - I subscribe to their osteoporosis community and find it pretty interesting.

  • Thank you Lynndeb - just what I am looking for.


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