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Difference between bone density and bone strength


I read an interesting article yesterday, about a study which showed that Spanish people have stronger bones and lower fracture rates, despite lower bone density, compared to Norwegians! Which just goes to show that bone density isn't the whole story! See sciencedaily.com/releases/2...

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Makes sense. There are variations in standards for some countries, so a small-framed resident of India is not judged by the same standards as a larger Scandinavian, for example. It would be helpful if there was a way to factor in more variables when we are being measured. Recently discovered that I am "small-framed" which surely shouldn't count against me when bone density is being calculated?

I bet Spaniards get more sun and vitamin D than Norwegians! And there may be dietary differences, too, which are helpful.

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The Spaniards have lower bone density despite probable higher Vit D levels, yet still stronger bones. Maybe Vit D contributes to bone strength?

We were told by a Fracture Liaison nurse at our last OP branch meeting that a Mediterranean diet is recommended although this particular diet can vary depending on where one lives. Perhaps this may have something to do with Spanish people having lower fracture rates and stronger bones compared to Norwegians or help towards it plus sunnier weather so probably higher Vitamin D levels .......

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But lower bone density despite this! There seems to be a genetic/ethnic difference too. It would be interesting to know whether fair skinned Europeans fracture more easily than those with olive skin. It's already known that black people are less likely to fracture than white people.

Many thanks for posting this fascinating article. x

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Interesting, I'm a similar build, except average height, but all my height is in my legs, and I have small wrists and ankles too! I'm also olive skinned, so wondering if that means I have a lower fracture risk.

Yes, I've had some near misses, yet to find out whether I fracture easily, try to take care so it doesn't get put to the test, but sometimes I forget and rush at things!

Very interesting. Although genetics will be involved, I would assume vit D / climate, would be an important factor.

We already know that bone strength and flexibility is influenced by the status of the collagen bone matrix, which requires quality protein for its repair and renewal, as do muscles. It would be interesting to closely compare the two diets.

Also their levels of activity. If we have more snow and ice in the U.K. I for one wouldn’t be so keen on walking in winter. Too much risk of falling and breaking more bones. Thanks for posting.

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