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Every bone hurts

Last couple weeks my body the muscles and bones have hurt. But in the last few days it has gotten worse. My bones hurt to touch them. I am back to waking up every few hours to bone pain. This happened once before. My cholesterol medicine was causing it. That was over a year ago, I quit that medicine back a year ago. So I'm at a loss now at what can be causing it this time.

I have arthritis, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, mild sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy in both legs and feet severely, in my hands mildly., myofacial syndrome, fibromyalgia, ruptured disc in my neck again from c2-c7, c3-c7 has been fused two times before, also t10-l2 those never been fused. Have had over 37 surgeries in my lifetime, survived cancer 4 times. I'm on some mild pain medication from what I was on 6 months ago.

I go see my pain dr this Wednesday, I'm going to ask him to bump the mg up on them. When I was on the max my life was livable. My pain then while on them was like a 3 and now my pain is at a 10 all the time.

I can barely walk now due to the pain. I also have gained 40lbs in the last 2 months. I believe it is water retention and that can cause body pain as well as bone pain.

If you have any suggestions please share them.

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Hi Zee,

My word I didn't realise how you have suffered. Surely the Pain Management Doctor should increase your medication? Must be terrible for you and why aren't you on water tablets. I have been prescribed some here by my Doctor and of course they do blood tests.

Please let me know how you get on.




HI Cindy, I have water pills but they don't seem to get rid of the water an as much I have to do daily its impossible to take them daily , cause when you do all you can do is sit on the pot or not to far from the bathroom. lol

Between this an my hair falling out an breaking off I don't know how much I can take pain wise.

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I am so sorry and wish I could help. I live too many miles away or I would call in and we could cry on each others shoulder.

I know about the water tablet and yes it can be embarrassing if one forgets takes one and has to go out. As you say lol.

My hair has not started to grow back. I am certain the chemo has killed all my good cells as well as trying to shrink the mass on my left lung.

No more treatment for me I am 78 and will just cope with the pain best way possible.

Hang in there. xxx

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Please get checked for food sensitivity and vitamin D levels which is a natural anti-inflammatory! Our gut is a centre of health for entire body l, there could be some sort of food that's causing your body to cause inflammation so go to thr root of this! Its very easy to get used to with the pain and manage it with pills, if you have time and some money go to kerala's wellness retreat where they treat you with different oil massages, diet and ayurvedic medicine! It'll change your life! I hooe you get better soon!

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I'm going to have my Orthopidist do some X-rays and my PC some blood work. I had several stress fractures last year. Just hope I don't again.


I have the time but not the kind of money they want. I'm a person with very little resources financially. I live on a fixed income if wasn't for my ex hubby I would really hurt more financially than I do. thank you though for the ideal.


I recently little over week ago started my weight watchers again. I've lost 18 pounds yay. Not hurting as bad but I could just be in a low peak right now.


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