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Blood test at orthopaedics?

I had leg pains, which would move and change, cramps, knee swelling and generally felt tired and unwell. My orthopedic consultant finally did an xray but said he was unsure whether the pain came from my knees or back and dismissed me saying i should see a spinal specialist. He clearly hadnt a clue. Recently i have been very poorly with joint pain, tiredness, parasthesia, dizziness. My blood test showed abnormalyy low calcium and i havent been able to improve it after months on supplements. I now wonder why the consultant didn't do a simple blood test, so my hyopcalcemia could have been diagnosed early. Im now worried about osteoporosis and my general health. Was he negligent? Thanks

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Did your supplements include other things like Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and magnesium?

It sound like you have more going on than just bone issues. Have you been checked for any inflammatory disorders, like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, polymyalgia rheumatica? Is your iron level good? Could you get a referral to a rheumatologist as well as the spinal expert (whom you should see because pressure on nerves in the spine can lead to a lot of problems, many of which, thankfully, can be sorted out by a good physiotherapist)?

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I am under normal iron and my kidney filtration rate was too low too. The GP hadn't given me any diagnosis or reason, but just asked to get a third blood test which I ll get week after next. They just left me to my own devices with calcium and iron, but having researched, I have changed vitamins. Now I take b complex with iron and vitamin c, calcium with D3 and magnesium spray. My tiredness is a getting better, but joint pain is new. The numbness gave me a funny turn and it lasted intermittently for about a week...even went into my face. Now just cold feet and ankle and knee stabbing pain on occasion. I ve been very worried. I m a vegetarian so perhaps that's partly why. I ve also discovered that calcium can block iron absorption (so my supplements may have counteracted each other). Breathlessness after a little activity is a new symptom too. I m 48 and female. After 3 months of supplements the calcium was exactly the same level. The iron and blood related tests has shown a very small improvement. Thanks :)


Yes, I have to take iron and calcium, and also prednisone for polymyalgia. Fortunately iron and prednisone can be taken at the same time. It's a full time job trying to balance all the supplements and exercise!

I hope you get some good answers soon, and effective treatment.

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I ll also try upping my k2 thank you. Not sure of all they tested, but they have ruled out rheumatism. I have v slight arthritis in ge knees and degenerative disc disease in he spine, but nothing extreme for my age though.


Is your question just to ask if your doctor was negligent?

no idea would be my answer.

In UK a DEXA scan is what indicates if we have osteoporosis. When a patient is diagnosed and they experience difficulty taking the medications and when a patient is presenting joint swellings aches and pains referral is usually to a rheumatologist who will carry out a number of different tests, depending on the symptoms being presented and checking results the patients has already had done, a full medical history is taken and lists of medications the patient is currently taking etc.

You will need to look at your diet and not just rely on supplements to improve any imbalance. Nutrients are better absorbed through a good balanced diet. check NOS resources pages

So to check your bone density you need a Dexa Scan which will indicate if you have osteoporosis or not.

So sorry for the pain you have been experiencing but those symptoms could be relating to any number of ailments, your best bet is to discuss further with your doctor, his findings, diagnosis and treatment.

When you have a diagnosis then you will be able to move forward in doing something about it.

Best wishes Bkin

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Thank you Bkin


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