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Rebounding for Bone Health

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Hello All,

First of all thanks a million for all your advice on Biphosphonates I think I am going to try some other methods of improving my bone health before I go down the Biphosphonate route. I think the reason they have been recommended to me eventhough I am not in the osteoporosis range just yet (T-2.3) is that I broke my wrist recently and this adds an extra dimension to the whole thing.

I have another question. Have any of you tried rebounding (mini trampoline!) as a means of improving bone health? My research seems to suggest that it could be a good option for me and I was just wondering if any of you had tried it?

Thanks again!


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I haven't tried it, but I know others who have. Some people do something involving dropping the heels down hard to jolt the spine and stimulate osteoblast activity. This is kinder to arthritic or osteoporotic backs than jumping in place which is also supposed to be a great exercise for those who can safely do it. So you might not need to buy a trampoline - up to you of course!

Also, consider a weighted walking vest. This is the kind I bought, had to order it from Texas but it has proven worth it:

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